webedesk review

Webedesk Review – Professional Digital Marketing Service

What is Webedesk?

webedesk review

It is a company offering professional digital marketing service for your business. They have offices in India, Sydney and London with over 100 digital marketing professionals standing by ready to serve their clients.

4 Main Services for Your Business


Search Engine Optimization is a tricky business. Every business uses the internet to boost their business. Any business website falls out on page 1 of Google, their business is affected. This give digital marketing company the opportunity to provide you the help to get back the game but is not cheap of course.

webedesk review
Webedesk offer $250 a month for starter and $400 a month for the Enterprise. The price is really a good deal to grow your business without spending thousands of dollars.

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is also not to be taken lightly. It may seem not so competitive compare to global. Staying ahead at all time lead to more profit and trust.

webedesk review
Webedesk team will give you recommendation in terms of boosting quality traffic to your website. They are charging for Local SEO is a onetime payment of $199. It considers a steal to get it for your business.

Web Development and Designing

Website building these days is pretty easy without knowing any coding. There Wix, Weebly and WordPress with ready templates to start building a website. Here we talk about building a professional looking website for your business which is a different story.

Just a quick question to ask yourself. Do you want to save cost to build a website yourself or hire a professional web developer to do it for you? It sounds scary by the cost of hiring someone to do it for you. I believe you ever heard your friend pay a few thousand for a crappy website.

Webedesk not going to charge you a few thousand for that. Before I write this review, I drop a few questions to Webedesk.

Subject: Website Content

I have a few enquiry. . Answer by Webedesk (Jithesh Parmar)

Me: What website platform you use to build the website for client? Is it WordPress?
Jithesh Parmar: We prefer WordPress platform to build website for clients

Me: Content and images are provided by the client or include in your package?
Jithesh Parmar: Content, images or videos should be arranged by the client. If required, we can arrange for an extra charge.

Me: How about domain and hosting? Does it include?
Jithesh Parmar: Domain and hosting should be arranged by the client. If required, we can arrange for an extra charge.

Jithesh Parmar: Our website design service price is only for the designing but we can go extra mile for extra charges which will be finalized as per client’s requirement.

Webedesk Review

It is clear about their web development and designing services on how they charge. I prefer WordPress than any other website builder. It has the best content management system and easy to use. The rate for them to build a website for you is cheap and save you so much time. You can use your time wisely for other business related stuff.

Video Marketing

YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook video are almost daily entertainment these days. You get distracted by funny, pets and advertisement video. Which video marketing is an add on anseral to your digital marketing weapon.

  • Video SEO Ranking
  • Traffic to Video
  • Voice Over
  • Video Distribution
  • Video Product Review
  • Video Editing

These are the services that you can find in Webedesk. As for the rate, it is not stated. You can request for a free quote.


If you are running a small business which need to handle multi task. I highly recommend getting a free quote from Webedesk for any of their digital marketing services. Some of the testimonial by their clients.


webedesk review

Sign up Webedesk Here to Request for a  Free Quote

If you are ready, you can consider to try out their service as the price is really worth it. Hope to see your business grow and until next time stay safe and avoid scams online.





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