Is JLF Web Design a scam?

Is JLF Web Design a Scam? – Internet Marketing Mystery

Is JLF Web Design a scam?

I’m searching around the internet to list as many website designer companies and compare their services and charges. Then this particular company I found raise my eye brown. There are a lot of red flags to be raised. Do you ever hear of JLF Web Design and wonder is JLF Web Design a scam?

What is JLF Web Design?

Seriously to explain what is JLF Web Design, it’s like explaining a subject which is totally no value at all. When I visit their website it is so clean and simple which is not a bad thing. But it makes me wonder what type of web design service they provide.

Here is what they claim to do

First they let you know having a website without any traffic is a waste of time which I totally agree. Your website should appear on Google, Bing or Yahoo when visitor typing the keywords related to your website. If that doesn’t happen, they say your website might as well be invisible.

Their service is to suit your budget and target your website marketing plan with a specialize team. They claim they will manage your website and ensure make money with it.

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Search Engine Registration
3. Link Building Services
4. Guaranteed Visitor Marketing
5. Pay-Per-Click Marketing
6. Social Media Marketing
7. Internet Radio and TV
8. Targeted Opt-In Email Campaigns
9. Blogging


What my concern is they website is like walking dead. They can’t even present their website properly and how can they give you their best service.

Hiring The Right Web Design

These days building a website are very easy, there are thousands of free video tutorial on YouTube. You just need to prepare your content and images, then follow along. With hours your website is ready to go.

As I know this is might not be what you want. Hiring the right web design is very important for your personal niche website or business website.

Niche Website

This is your personal website where you research a niche base on your interest. Once you have selected your niche. Look for an experience web designer who specializes in doing this. Not any freelancer or claim to be Mr Know Everything.

Human Proof Design

Domw the founder of Human Proof Desgin who sold lots of Done For You Niche Website or you can request a custom make website. Content, keywords, premium images and premium WordPress theme install for you. Read The Full Review Click Here

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Brand Builders

One of my top recommend is Brand Builders. They are the leading specialist in building Amazon niche websites. They will ensure to get you highest quality traffic to your website. Read The Full Review Click Here

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If you are looking for a web designer to build your business website. Then it is a different ball game. Webedesk have the ability to build your website at affordable price with digital marketing service that can boost your business to the next level. Read The Full Review Click Here

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Is JLF Web Design a scam? In my opinion, I feel it is, they do not make an effort to show their customer what their service is about. Just a few pages of a website and claim to be some sort of web design company which I think they really need to think about it.

Need help to look for the right web designer your online business. Just contact us, we ensure you the best service and won’t disappoint you.

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