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Is Fat Stacks Niche Tycoon a scam? It’s a real deal.

Niche Tycoon Review

Product Name: Niche Tycoon – Fat Stacks Entrepreneur

Owners: Jon Dykstra

Price: $57


Rating: 93/100

Niche Tycoon

I have just completed my ebook last week and have published it on ISR website. Well, it takes me awhile to do up the ebook but it was worth it. For me and Cena, it was a hell of a ride when we make our decision to start this online affiliate marketing journey. It was a small risk to take, sacrificing some of our time after work to do our online marketing.

You can download the ebook at our link or you can click below.


In my ebook, I mentioned that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make an income. It is not that hard to do, not rocket science and all you need is to promote a product and get commission out of it.

On theory, it is a simple process but in reality, you will need to do some work for you marketing strategy to work. Well, you will need to set up a website, find your niche, write a blog or a marketing campaign, do email marketing and many more.

It will take some time to get the hang of it and it can be frustrating sometimes when you don’t see any result. So be patient and learn as much as you can to speed up your learning curve and find a solution to make your affiliate marketing work for you.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Fat Stacks Niche Tycoon?

When we bought this product, we knew that we got s product that will deliver.

Basically, Jon Dykstra Niche Tycoon will show you on the steps to set-up a website and make it an authority website. When you buy the product, you will get a 100 over pages of training guide with video tutorials and Jon will show you his strategies to increase the traffic to his website through Facebook ads and Google Adsense.

Niche Tycoon 1

The thing about Jon’s teaching is fairly basic stuff not too complicated but some of his strategies are realistic and will deliver. He mentioned on one of his tutorials that a website layout is important and you will learn some strategies on this. Well, you need a premium theme, Studiopress WordPress Themes  as recommended by Jon. So far, it is interesting to know his strategies but are there more to come?

There are many products in the market which you can opt for and as a marketer, you would like to know which product can deliver you the best knowledge for you to start off. Niche Tycoon teaches you some valuable insight of affiliate marketing from understanding your audience, finding a good host, finding traffic, etc.

For the first part of his tutorials, I am able to cope with as building a website, finding a niche and generating traffic is not new to me. There is something that Jon does that really made me think hard on my shortcomings such as on how to reach out to your audience and create a profitable post or content that will drive your traffic.

There are also some recommendation from Jon on  the plugins he uses and why he chose them. It is an interesting to know on how he manages these into a good platform for his website.

Should you buy Fat Stacks Niche Tycoon?

The guide previously cost $97 but today, it is $57. It is at an affordable range and the information that Jon provide you will be essential for you as a marketer. It is well worth your money and to me this guide will make you think on your shortcoming and you will definitely improved. I have tried it and it works for me.


One slight disadvantage about this guide is using Google Adsense as an income tool. To me, it is relatively a simple process, you get your income when someone clicks your advert on your website. So the main aim for you is to drive as many traffic as possible to you website, create a wow factor to your article and wait for the magic to happen. Well, you will need a tons of traffic to start earning a decent income from it.

Niche Tycoon 2

I have seen a few sites in the internet similar to Jon’s teaching. Well, you need a good layout of your site, powerful headline, nice images and some adverts. Some of these site are so popular, you can see at least ten of thousands of visitors per day. They do not have to write a 1000 words article daily but their layout and images are very compelling and nice to look at. For Niche Tycoon, for those of you who dislike to write, then you have found your product.



Fat Stacks Niche Tycoon by Jon Dykstra is one of the better product in the market and I have no doubt you will be able to apply the knowledge and create your own opportunity on your online business.

I need to mention this before I conclude this review. Basically, if you want to start building your website Jon Dykstra way, you need a budget of a few hundred bucks per month to start off. As mentioned earlier, Jon recommend you to start using premium themes for your website, paid plugins and a host of other adverts that needs money to spend.

You may also check Jon’s Fat Stacks Entrepreneur blog as Jon discuss some of his key successes on this platform. It is interesting to check it out.

So there are a bit of an investment when you want to start off with Niche Tycoon. It is not that easy to start off and you will lose money at first but as I have said, building a website is trial and error and needs a lot of fine tuning. If you are a newbie to web-building, I suggest that you should learn from my recommend products such as Wealthy Affiliate (WA) or Tiny Little Business (TLB).

You may read my reviews on both products or you can opt in my Free 5 day email course.

Affiliate Marketing

So, in conclusion, Niche Tycoon is a legit product and the strategies Jon Dykstra provide is essential to your website building. I assure you that you can learn many strategies from this guide and make your affiliate marketing campaign into a profitable one.

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