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 JOBTAKA Review is a website which claims you will get paid $10 for every task completed. In case you have made some money and can’t access or withdraw it, or if you are  wondering whether is a legit and honest website to earn some extra cash, then you are on the right place because you are going to get the answers to your questions.

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Product Name: Jobtaka
Owner: N/A


What is started last year with the name, however, after a few months, the unknown owner of the site started changing its name frequently.

From, they’ve changed it to the following:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and more.


Jobtaka claim you will get $10 for each task perform, well we all know that is totally fake. Jobtaka is not only website with this kind of offer. There are numerous scam sites out there which are similar to Jobtaka. Some example of currently active scam sites are Dutytrend, Dutyspace, Dollartent, Dutyset etc. If you will check out these websites, you will find out that all sites are using same theme. The only difference is that Jobtaka made a bit of change on its image on the right. Instead of featuring the photo of a woman, it is now labelled as How to make money from your home.

These websites are all scam and just after your money. It also seems that all the sites are operated by the same group. They also change their theme from time to time to confuse people. They create this kind of website to make money for themselves. As of today, there have been no reports or proof that these websites have paid anyone.


How Does Work?

The website is designed in a very simple way.  On the first page, there is an option to register as a new user or to log in if you already have an account with them. You have to register to by filling out the form with your chosen username and password and then you can now access the program.

Once you have registered, you will have instant access to your account that comes with a $25 bonus. They will also provide you with a unique link, which according to them, will be the key to your success in the program, because it’s your referral link and all they ask you to do, is to use it to generate traffic and earn $5 to $10 for every unique visitor that clicks your link and visit it.

They also suggest you to start posting your link to the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc.




What Does Really Offer? has nothing to offer, there are neither products nor any type of services, but they justify themselves by ensuring you that they are paying you in order to generate traffic to their advertiser’s websites. They also claim that they will get paid from their advertisers for the traffic they bring to them.

On the website, you will also see a member guide where they explain more about how to promote your referral link when to get paid and the methods allowed such as PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer. In addition, they also mention that the minimum balance required for pay-out is $300.

According to, you need to accumulate at least $300 in order to withdraw your earnings. However, once you click on the withdraw you earning button; you will be taken to another page.

This website is full of local paying subscriptions especially for hanging around with ladies and all that. This is what has gotten as a result of clicking on one of the surveys proposed to be able to withdraw the $300 made.



So it is clear, Jobtaka is a fake site, so stay away from it. Do not even waste your valuable time on the program. You will bring traffic to them by sharing the link but at the end of the day, your effort and energy will be in vain.



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