Is Visit Earning a Scam?

Is Visit Earnings a Scam? – Total Waste of Time

Visit Earnings Review

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Is Visit Earning a Scam?

We are back to expose more internet scams that claim to make you easy money with a few clicks of your mouse. The most recent that I come across when I browsing through a Facebook video comment and found a user post a funny looking link that raise my eyebrow. I click it to find out what is it about. The website title is Visit Earnings and follow by its tagline “Join Invite Earn”.

It really make me wonder is Visit Earnings a scam? It is a very basic looking website but it’s enough to show red flags at a glance. My advice to you use the previous time to do what you important to you and give this a pass. Read my #1 Recommend Product. 

What is Visit Earning?

It is very simple website claim that you can make money by simply sharing your refer link on your social networking such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The more people click on your link and sign up, the more you make.

How the payment structure?

Is Visit Earnings a Scam?

Is Visit Earning a Scam?


I sign up and take a peek myself on how it really work. I always use a special email for such website to prevent spam flooding to my actual email inbox. Here we go, once I set and log in using the new password I was awarded a generous $20 but the catch is to earn up to $300 before you can withdraw.

How to make money with it?

Simply copy the referral link and start to share all over the social network that you can think of. It is obvious spamming and annoying to others who see the funny looking link.

There is no limit on how much you can earn. You can chose to be paid through Paypal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer at the end of every month.


Is Visit Earnings a scam? In my opinion, it is a scam. There are red flags all over. First of all, this kind of site is no different from many out there. It is a clone game, there are nothing involve except getting people to click on the link and sign up. The chain keeps on going.

Do you expect any company would like to pay you for that? There is no selling and buying take place on this website. Where the money comes from? No money is made by the website and how they are going to pay you for your effort.
My advice gives this a pass and put your time on more valuable things you need to focus on.


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