Is World Internet Academy a Scam?

Is World Internet Academy a Scam? – WIA Review

Product Name: World Internet Academy
Owner: Fabian Lim
Website: (not affiliate link)
Price: Free, $29.95 monthly
Rating: 70/100

Is World Internet Academy a Scam?

Are you starting to lose count the number of online business training courses? There literally thousand out there claim they are providing the top and up to date training courses. But sadly there just a few of them are the good guys.

Ever heard of Fabian Lim, Singapore top marketers and know his stuff well. Just to let you know I not a big fan of his live seminar and workshop. I never attended any session of his classes. Reason is pretty simple, I can’t afford and I prefer to learn at my own pace from the internet. So I found one of his website that I pretty curious in. Let find out is World Internet Academy a scam?

What is World Internet Academy?

In short, it calls WIA. It is a membership site with a lot of online business and internet marketing training. It has various sections of training provide by different trainer.

I use my Facebook account to sign up as I can’t find any other way to do so. I prefer the old method using my email so I can have more control and feel more secure than using my Facebook account.

Anyway, I get to access to WIA and start to explore. It comes with 2 free courses when you sign up. WordPress

WordPress Website Creation and Facebook Marketing

Is World Internet Academy a Scam?

I have gone through both training till the end. I got to say about the WordPress Website Creation training is pretty long. It takes more than an hour to teach you how to buy domains, hosting and install WordPress. It’s quite boring and if you are an impatient person, it’s not for you. You can learn it on YouTube for free as well in less than half an hour. If you like to spend more time, you able to build your own website within an hour or two.

As for the Facebook Marketing is much better. You get to learn how it really works. Fabian share how an expert and amateur marketer use the same platform, but with different results. I learned a few tips which can apply for an upcoming project.

It is not easy to understand though as I feel him some of his explanation like sitting in a science class. I like physics but not chemistry. There are some part I watch twice for better understanding. He use several example on how things work. But I find a sentence he use it not appropriate but I don’t think he mean any harm.

“If a Christian guy invite a Muslim guy to church. It won’t work out.” To me things like this, is kind of sensitive should avoid at all cost. As I say he may not mean any harm. It could mean selling a vintage car to hell driver who like speed on the road won’t work out. .

Here’s an article on Fabian Lim Click Event

To be fair, I do not proceed to the paid membership, my World Internet Academy review is based on the 2 free courses. There is a lot of cars in there to be discovered. I take a look at the pricing is considered affordable and reasonable. It cost $29.95 monthly which is less than a dollar per day. If you find it suit you, can consider 6 month to a year payment which will save you more.

Is World Internet Academy a scam?

What I find out with the members area is that I don’t see much interaction. The review is too little to know how the students feel about the courses. Some question remains unanswered.


Is World Internet Academy a scam? No, it is great for newbies to sign up and take advantage of 2 free courses. If you are struggling or to worry about starting your Facebook marketing. You can listen to what Fabian has to say and use it for your own campaign.   Sign up WIA here is Free. I’m not an affiliate of WIA.

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What do you think of WIA? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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