Is Jewelry in Candles a Scam?

Is Jewelry in Candles a Scam? – Pretty Nice Gem

Name: Jewelry in Candles
Website: (not referral links)
Price: $19.95 to $99
Owner: Micheal
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Is Jewelry in Candles a Scam?

Jewelry in Candles Review

Jewelry in candles is an online shopping store for scent burning candle lovers. It also hides a surprise jewelry in every candle, a perfect gift for your partner. The owner claims that the product uses 100% natural, safe soy wax.

If you are interested to venture into this business. To set up your own store with Jewelry in Candles is pretty straight forward. Go to the main site and sign up as a representative. Within minutes you have the same store with your name on it. Sound easy right but is Jewelry in Candles a scam? Let find out.


• Very easy to set up the online store
• Product look impressive
• Don’t need to worry about inventory
• Don’t need to worry about shipping
• Reasonable price for consumer
• Representative gets 30% off when purchase


• No training is provided on how to drive traffic
• 2 levels of earning (MLM)
• Very competitive, lot of people promoting JIC

JIC Training Material

To promote JIC is not so easy for me personally. The training material is all in reading form. When you have signed up as a representative, you can go under a section and access to “My Back Office”. Here is where you track your customer order and your earning.

You can proceed to “JIC University”. You will bring to a fresh page where all the training material you need to get started.

Is Jewelry in Candles a Scam?


Most of the information is taught how to deal the business on offline. You will learn how to set up an event, party, create a personal business card and more. These may seem outdated, but it can be still be useful. Some customers would like to see and feel the product before deciding to buy.

Who should join JIC?

You should join JIC if you have like this product. If you have no interest and just want to earn commission with ready make online store. It can be very tough. It’s more for experienced internet marketer who has been in this industry for quite some time. As they have the knowledge to drive traffic.

Is Jewelry In Candles a Scam?

JIC pays to representative with direct sales of 30%, 6% 1st level downline and 4% 2nd level downline.

Conclusion for Jewelry in Candles

Is Jewelry in Candles a scam? No, it’s a pretty good program after all, most of the heavy lifting has done for you. You are not forced to buy any of their products in order to start this business. It’s pretty fair. So on your part you need to make the effort do drive traffic to your online store. There are certainly many other ways to sell this product, got to think out of the box.


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