World Ventures

Is World Ventures a scam? – Depends on you.

Product Name: World Ventures


Start up fee: $200 +  $50 per month

Owner: Wayne Nugent & Mike Azcue

Rating: 20/100

World Ventures

Recently, Cena shared with me on World Ventures product. He was introduced to this MLM product by a friend and went for the introduction.

The thought of MLM spurs my mind that this might be a scam. So I decided to check out the reviews and get feedback from Cena after his talk. Well, I will give you my honest opinion why you should be stay away from such product.

What is World Ventures?

As you know, I do not want to elaborate further on MLM structure, just a simple one.

World Ventures offers travel packages to its associates at a discount rates. When you sign up as a member, you are entitled so called Dreamtrips at a member’s price. Dreamtrips are package vacations which you as a member are entitled to buy at a highly discounted price.

Becoming a member

Here comes the fun part. After you have signed up for the Dreamtrip membership, you will need to pay $200 on top of a monthly fee of $50. But if you want to join as part of the MLM structure (Business Representative Structure), there is an additional fee plus monthly fee involved. However, the monthly $50 will be waived off.

If you get referrals, you will get compensated. You will need 4 referrals as your downlines and your 4 downlines need another 4 referrals and so on. So your commissions are based on how hard your downlines works.

You see, it is really interesting and getting 4 referrals is easy peasy. I will elaborate further.

World Ventures offers its affiliates trainings to sell their products. Every MLM product offers training. From my experience, you might want to know that training done by MLM leaders are totally crap and their motivational talks are based on flashy cars and high end houses, etc.

Trainings are not structure in a way to let you know more on the product as a representative of the company. Rather, leaders requires all affiliates to do hard selling, approaching family and friends to be their referrals.

To be honest, there are representative out there has zero knowledge on the product and sells them to vulnerable folks and these folks wasted their money on a useless product without ever thinking.

Can World Ventures benefit you?

Not all MLM products are bad. There are good product out there that can benefit you. However, if you have ever want to sign up as a World Ventures associates, please do your research first.

World Ventures do offers discounts to its members and it can benefit you in a way. You get to go to your dream vacation at a discounted price I guess. To be an associate, you will need to work you socks off, do direct selling to your family and friends, train your downlines and ensure your downlines doesn’t quit half way through. It is a commitment and it is a purely hard selling. So, if you do not have any experience in selling, I think you are wasting your time unless you are thinking of getting discounted rates for your travel packages.

Discounted Travel Package – Is it really good?

You will definitely see a lot of travel packages in World Ventures. It is about your preference and budget. Buying a travel package can be easy for you if you do not have any preference on the location, food and type of package they are offering.

The next thing is your budget. Unless you have deep pockets, you can select any of the travel packages in World Ventures. So I guess, if preference, type, budget and location are your priority, then I don’t think buying a travel package is for you.

Nowadays, you can get cheaper options by going to the internet although it is a bit more troublesome. There are a couple of sites offering cheaper alternative and you can save a lot.  You can log on to,, etc. These sites offers discounted packages and even blogs and reviews.

Let’s get down to the Pros and Cons.


  • Wide range of discounted travel packages to choose from
  • Commissions or payouts
  • Referral programs that allows you to network with other affiliates


  • Affiliates are focusing on selling programs which doesn’t applies to my way of doing internet marketing as a passion
  • You will need to buy the program in order to sell it to other affiliates. As such, you will need to ‘master’ or to know how efficient the program so that you can sell it.

My Thoughts of World Ventures

By joining World Ventures, the product you are selling must be beneficial to the referral you introduced and sometimes this can be a pain when you do not have the resources to sell it to.

To me, this is not a business but a job for you and I honestly feel that I don’t believe in selling products which I have no passion.  You will not be learning on how you should build your business that you are interested in but to promote the product that you have purchase.

Sound interesting to you? I don’t think so.


Many of us wants to be our own boss without going to a day job. To me, if you want to join a program, firstly, tell yourself, how can the program or product benefit me and my referrals? I don’t think by joining World Ventures, it will benefit you.

There are many ways to find a suitable product and create a best method to generate your knowledge in internet marketing. You may find some programs that are useful than others.

So why not learn some basics in internet marketing for free and from there onwards you can decide the best solution for your business in internet marketing.

Internet Scams Report

So what’s next for you? Think about it.

Feel free to comment below. Thank you.

1 thought on “Is World Ventures a scam? – Depends on you.”

  1. Great post Rizal! I already sense something fishy before meeting up my friend. It is very similar marketing as Market America aka The left and right wing downline is a way to waive off the monthly subscription and gain commission.

    The presenter that show me the 12min video of how it really work clearly declare it is MLM without any hesitation. That really save the time for me to say no for such products. I personally do not like MLM and advice others to avoid it as well.

    What make it easier for them to make money out of their members? The monthly subscription fees. in the other hand need to purchase the products monthly to reach the minimum points.

    As for enjoying holidays, you can always check out the best rate on your own. I do not believe that World Ventures is the only choice.

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