Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam

Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam? – Seem Promising For A Try

Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Elite Blog Academy

OWNER:   Ruth Soukup


RATING:  7/10


Blogging is one way to earn an extra income online. Many bloggers were able to fare well and make their own blog sites a good income source. If you are a blogger and wants to improve your opportunity to earn better you are probably considering taking online courses that will help you improve your blogging skills and maximize the potential earnings from your passion. There are many blogging courses online that are offering you this kind of opportunity like the Elite Blog Academy. Its blogging course seems promising for a try but before you jump into signing up you probably wonder is Elite Blog Academy a scam?


Elite Blog Academy Review


Elite Blog Academy is an online blogging course of Ruth Soukup. It is tailored for bloggers who want to undergo training in order to transform their blogs into a profitable site and become a real business. It was founded in 2014 as an online course that was upgraded to 2.0 over the years and now to EBA 3.0. The course is quite pricey at $897 and consists of 12 training units that will walk you through the step by step process of transforming your blog into a profitable business, private EBA Facebook group, bonus trainings on marketing strategies in social media like Pinterest marketing and Facebook Ads, 36 assignments, weekly newsletter that will give updated tips, and lifetime access to the course materials. While there seems a lot from this course, is the Elite Blog Academy worth its price?


What is Elite Blog Academy?


As an online blogging course you will have access to different training materials. The good thing about the course is you have the leeway to learn at your own pace. One you sign in for the course you will have access to Ruth’s class roster which will connect you to other bloggers who are taking the course. This can help you grow your blogging connections and network. Tons of information from the course are available that can help you grow professionally as a blogger. Essentially the course will help you how to make content that will likely draw content and shareable by others.




There are many positive feedbacks about Elite Blog Academy and one of its strongest features is the live question and answer videos of Ruth where she is open for any live questions about blogging. Replays of the live videos are also available, which is something that made the Elite Blog Academy more unique and different from other online blogging courses. The course will product creation, marketing, selling, and affiliate marketing that will help you turn your blog into a business.




Elite Blog Academy is very pricey, no doubt about that. Some of the contents from the training materials are quite simple and can be accessed for free online. However, for bloggers who do not know the right places to look for valuable content on blogging, the Elite Blog Academy will simplify the process of finding them as it basically consolidate the information in the course. Unfortunately, the course has limited availability. The application for the course is only open once a year for only 5 days. You have to be on the waiting list before you can be admitted to the course.


Is Elite Blog Academy A Scam


It is worth noting that not only you have to pay for the course at $897 but there are also other costs you will incur along the way like paying for the website domain, email service provider, web hosting and auto responder. For someone who is a beginner in blogging, this program is not for you. Some of the content in the course assumes that you already have a basic understanding about blogging thus the information you get from the course might be overwhelming. Elite Blog Academy is more suited for the intermediate blogger. Besides, for new bloggers you might not want to spend for the expensive cost of the course when you are just testing out the waters on your blogging venture.


My Final Opinion of Elite Blog Academy


Elite Blog Academy is an online course that in undoubtedly pricey for its value. However, there are some promising sides in using the course because of the unique features that come with it like the live question and answer videos with replays where you get to personally interact with its creator and the resourceful processes of learning how to monetize your blogs and turn it into a business venture. If you still wonder is Elite Blog Academy a scam the answer is certainly obvious that it is a legitimate online blogging course. The course might be promising for those who are serious in making an investment in learning about monetizing their blogs and growing their blogging network using the roster of blogger students enrolled in the course.




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