Is Secured Web Orders A Scam

Is Secured Web Orders A Scam? – Let’s Find Out

Is Secured Web Orders A Scam


NAME: Secured Web Orders

OWNER: Riley Nelson/Rhonda Paul


RATING:  0/10


Many times we heard about people getting scammed for money making opportunities that offer a very high return of investment. How does earning $379 per day sounds to you? This is exactly the kind of a scheme that sounds too good to be true and in fact it is. It is unfortunate that many might still become a prey to unscrupulous people trying to scam people out of their money like the Secured Web Orders. It offers a possible income stream that will translate to about $130,000 in a year. As you will likely ask is Secured Web Orders a scam? read below why you should avoid this program.


Secured Web Orders Review


Secured Web Orders is an online site that offers a good way of earning an income online. At a cost of $97 you will gain access to its platform that will give you opportunity to work by posting links for companies that want to promote their products and services online. You can do the work at home and does not need any experience, skills or expertise in order to earn. Sounds easy enough since your work will only involve link posting while you earn at least $379 per day. But there are more than meet the eyes with Secure Web Orders.


What is Secured Web Orders?


Secure Web Orders is apparently owned and managed by Riley Nelson. This brings a lot of doubt about her real identity since link posting scams out there with similar scheme as Secure Web Orders are being marketed by the same person but using a different name like Rhonda Paul. There is no doubt that this breaks the credibility of the product especially when it is associated with people behind other link posting scams as well. She is just one of the many aliases used by scammers like Jessica Marshall, Karen Evans, Kelly Simmons and many others.


There are other things about Secure Web Orders that will make you believe it is nothing but another scam. Its income thrust appears to be unrealistic for a link posting job. Earning $379 a day for link posting is something my mind cannot accept to be possible. In reality simply posting links will not actually earn you money. Link posting only translates into an income when people click on your links and make a purchase of the product that is associated to your link. If no one clicks on the link you posted there is no income to talk about. While link posting is a legitimate way of earning many companies only pay a meager for this kind of task. Without a sale you will not earn.


Secure Web Orders actually hides the real program in terms of how you will earn. It generally promotes earning from link posting which makes your job very easy with an over exaggerated income to earn but it does not explain that your earnings will only depend from the sales your links make and not from simply posting links. This sounds like misleading to me.


Is Secured Web Orders A Scam


The limited availability in every city for the opportunity to sign up for its program is another way of tricking people to urge them to sign up as soon as they can. Its sales pitch states that only 15 slots are allotted per city. This scarcity tactic only aims to give some urgency to make people sign up for the program quickly. It does not make sense at all to limit the number of people who would be posting links since it claims that many companies are willing to pay to promote their products by link posting. This takes us to another issue on the claim of Secured Web Orders on the huge demands for link posting. Apparently it wants people to believe that companies are willing to pay $15 per link post. This is kind of misleading since it is not the act of posting the link that earns you money. It is only when someone actually buys a product that you get a commission.


It is also likely that Secure Web Orders is engaged in high ticket programs that will ask you to pay for other trainings that will guarantee you better income and to reach the $379 a day earning. Do not fall for this tactic as the program aims to target audiences that have an eye for earn quick schemes but you will never reach the promised income threshold even after you already paid expensively for other things that Secure Web Orders will offer.


My Final Opinion of Secured Web Orders


Certainly the answer for is Secure Web Orders a scam is definitely it is. Considering that the people behind this product are closely associated to scammers known to offer similar products and income scheme and constantly changing its product name and identities, you have absolute reason to avoid it. The sales pitch is very misleading, full of deception and unrealistic income to offer.



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