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Every online marketer will welcome different ways and strategies to help them boost their income and online marketing profits. As you probably noticed there are many affiliates and marketers who are using JVZoo to sell and market products. JVZoo is considered to be one of the top marketing platforms for digital products. The JVZoo Academy offers aspiring online marketers learn how to use the JVZoo platform through its blueprint to success.

While you find it interesting to use its training service you should probably wonder is JVZoo Academy a scam? Here’s our review about the service to help you determine whether it is a good investment to make to boost your chances of improving your online marketing skills and opportunity.

Is JVZOO Academy a scam?

JVZoo Academy is a training service on online marketing, more particularly about using JVZoo platform for marketing your products and services. Its goal is not only to teach you to become a good online marketer but also to enhance your skills and knowledge to become one of the top JVZoo sellers and affiliates. As you can find many training services about using JVZoo platform, the JVZoo Academy is the only endorsed by the JVZoo itself.

Based on our research JVZoo Academy is not like the others endorsing their products with a get rich quick scheme. As can be noted on their training ads the Academy always emphasize hard work and perseverance to get results from your online marketing gigs. As can be gleaned from its services and business conduct it is far from being a multi-level marketing scheme.

The JVZoo Academy training package

A monthly subscription of $47 is required to get access to JVZoo Academy or you can opt to subscribe for a one-time fee of $297 with additional upsells. What comes with your subscription are training modules that will help you create and grow your online business. You will have an access to the JVZoo Academy software, training modules on video platforms and downloadable training guides.

Sam will also share his own cheat sheets and personal work processes that helped him grow his business through online marketing.  In addition to these training materials you will also get support along the way of your training from its online community. Your membership-style access to the program will allow you to progress at your own pace with the advantage of gaining information from the regular updates on online marketing.

Upsells are available with your membership but you are not required to subscribe if you prefer not to. At a fee of $97 you will have an access to the 60-day action plan with software to help you focus on your online marketing goals without getting distracted of getting results. This consists of 60-day masterclass that will show you the steps to keep yourself on track. If you want to have a direct coaching from Sam himself you need to sign up for the 6 weeks live training at a cost of $197.

The Advantages

There are a lot of advantages and benefits that come from using the JVZoo Academy. It indeed takes time, effort and hard work to boost your online marketing income but through the help of the JVZoo Academy training programs you are likely to focus on the important things that you need to do in order to get results. You will become a successful JVZoo marketer by obtaining the master keys towards becoming successful when using the JVZoo platform for selling your digital products.

The training consists of step by step guide that helps simply your learning process. JVZoo also provides a community of support to keep you on track of becoming highly motivated in growing your business. The product also offers a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose if you try out their training modules.

The disadvantages

To become a JVZoo online seller will require you to have your own products to market using the platform. If you are a beginner creating your product can be quite challenging hence you should probably start as an affiliate. This will help you grow your subscriber lists and will allow you to become familiar with the system platform.

The JVZoo Academy does not provide training on how you build a list, however hence you need to learn this by yourself although it will help you learn how to promote the products as an affiliate. There is no free trial when using the product so you really need to spend for the subscription in order to try out the system, but it offers a money back guarantee after all.


So if you come to ask is JVZoo Academy a scam? I can honestly say it is not. It is a legitimate training product with decent training system that can boost your opportunity of becoming a successful JVZoo seller or affiliate.


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