Niche Profit Classroom

Is Niche Profit Classroom a scam?

Product Name: Niche Profit Classroom


Start up fee: USD$1 for 14 days + upsells

Owner: Adam Short

Rating: 60/100

Niche Profit Classroom

Most of us wants to make an income as quickly as possible and therefore find ways in the internet to learn and apply it to our business. There are many scammers out there and they will stick to you like a leech until your money runs dry.

Recently, some of my buddies who just got started in internet marketing told me about Niche Profit Classroom. I heard about this site and I felt the need to investigate and write a short review on this. I heard about Adam Short from the community and friends, he has the idea of promoting his program of earning money online many of us wants to learn and apply.

What is Niche Profit Classroom?

Niche Profit Classroom is an internet marketing training site that teaches users with video based training in internet marketing, creating and selling affiliate products online.

Can I follow Niche Profit Classroom?

My thoughts on Niche Profit Classroom is that Adam Short programs is for new internet marketers as the training videos are comprehensive and aimed towards new marketers. For those who have experience in internet marketing and building websites, I guess you will find the programs a bit outdated.

You can see below a review on Niche Profit Classroom.

Niche Profit Classroom1

What Niche Profit Classroom offers?

Niche Profit Classroom2

Niche Profit Classroom offers $1 trial for 14 days and thereafter, once you are interested with the program, you will need to subscribe into a $67 per month and introduced to upsells.

Aside from the programs on offer, Niche Profit Classroom also has a community to communicate with their networks of affiliates and therefore users can get help from other affiliates in the community.

As mentioned, the training and programs are aimed towards new internet marketers and not suitable for experience and seasoned marketers. New users might get the value for money when they join Niche Profit Classroom as the training are quite easy to understand. However, if you go further with the $67 per month package, you should think about it as the the programs are a bit outdated and rather frustrating to follow.


The thing is with Niche Profit Classroom is that there are many upsells you need to follow and purchase. You do not need that and personally, you are can get a better deal other than Niche Profit Classroom.

For me personally, if you want to learn more on internet marketing, you can join Wealth Affiliate which have more up-to-date training and a good support from a community 24/7. As mentioned on my previous post, internet marketing plays an important role for you to generate your income and a good program will elevate your knowledge even further.

What do you think?

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