Pure leverage

Is Pure Leverage a scam? – Just another MLM product.

Product Name: Pure Leverage

Website: pureleverage.com

Start up fee: $24.95 per month / $19.95 per month (reseller)

Upsells: $97 per month / $19.95 per month (reseller)

Owner: Joel Therien

Rating: 25/100

Pure leverage

The word Pure Leverage sounds very encouraging. As most of us know leverage is a big word mainly used by financial consultants and banking professionals. One of the example is financial leverage which is commonly used nowadays, ie. the greater amount of debt, the greater your financial leverage; meaning, the money you borrow is to increase the production volume and thus sales and your earning.

So what are you going to leverage on?

So let’s start on our short review.

What is Pure Leverage?

Pure leverage1Pure leverage is a MLM program which is created by Joel Therien. The program teaches users the use of email autoresponder, pre-program blog platform, video email, capture pages and other resources such as paid traffic and conducts webinars.

The cost of investment is rather affordable at a start up fee of $24.95 per month but wait for a moment, there is a reseller fee you will need to add on per month of $19.95. This reseller fee is to let you to become an affiliate to Pure Leverage and resell their products for 100% commissions. On top of that, there is an upsell of $97 per month that user will get access to their advance training to use their resources or tools without limitation. So total cost includes upsell is at $141.90 per month.

This will take you around $1700 per year. The cost is quite steep to jump in the bandwagon.

There is a compensation plan for those who are interested to promote their product. A 100% commission for the first referral. But wait again, when your next downline promote and gets a referral, you will get 50% commission. This goes on and on. So your job when you join Pure Leverage is to get other people or refer other people to join in the bandwagon as your downlines.

Can I follow Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage idea is for you to sell their products. The tools they offer can be found easily in the internet and you can find better products than Pure Leverage. The products Pure Leverage are offering are email auto-responder and capture pages, pre-program blog platform and video emails.

There is nothing about website hosting on Pure Leverage and I can say you will not regret is you skip this program.

So can you follow Pure Leverage? Please don’t. It is just not worth your investment. You can see the start up fee is rather affordable but once you join you will be surprise to see your email will be flooded from the countless of pestering to upgrade the program. For me, it is a choice of the user if they want to upgrade and pestering is not a good move.


By joining Pure Leverage, maybe you can learn a thing or two about internet marketing but what is the use if you are coughing out $141.90 per month on this program. You will earn a bit from the MLM structure but it cannot buy you a flashy car like Joel Therien.

As I have explain in my previous blogs, you should think about the pros and cons of the product, your start up investment before you sign up for the program. You have to find a suitable program that create the best method to get your success in internet marketing and not by joining Pure Leverage.

In conclusion, I am not recommending this product as it is a scam based product. You can search for a more suitable product which are highly recommendable such as my #1 recommended product which are free and have no single upsell.

So what’s next for you? Do you have experience with the Pure Leverage program or do you have any questions about this product?  If so, feel free to comment below. Thank you.


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