Is Email Cash Machines 2.0 a scam? Obviously not a cash machine.

Review on Email Cash Machines 2.0

Product Name: Email Cash Machines

Owners: Henry Gold

Price: $8.32 + upsells


Rating: 20/100


Almost all of us uses emails daily to write, post, feedback, promote products, etc. Emails are used so frequently that as an internet marketer, you will need to take this advantage to reach your audience. Almost everybody has an email account and this is one good way to reach your audience and promote your product whatever it is.

Basically, email marketing can be your asset if you know how to do create an interesting campaign and engage your audience. Email marketing is so useful that some of the internet gurus and super affiliates take this advantage to promote email marketing courses to users like you and me to buy their so called make money online (MMO) product.

I have bought quite a handful of these products and I find only a few which are useful for my online marketing campaigns. I will reveal my recommendation at the end of this review.

If you are new to email marketing and eager to learn, you will need more than just a course to strart your campaign. There will be a bit of investment you should do and it may take awhile for your campaign to start kicking. It will be a hell of a ride, trust me.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Email Cash Machines 2.0?

Email Cash Machines is a video course that teaches you on what to do to earn $490 a day by utilizing the power of email marketing. This is pretty much of a hype and I am going to be blunt, you can’t make that much money if you are still a new in internet marketing. So don’t be fool by this hype and spent your 8 bucks and regret later.



Why must you regret when you spent 8 bucks on this product? It’s just 8 bucks. Well, if you have to read on.

To be completely honest with you, you will be looking at quite a number of upsells upon purchasin this product. In total, 8 additional upsells for you to buy. This is way too much for me and although the upsells are not upscale type, I think you should consider thinking it through.

Here’s what you will be getting from Eamil CAsh Machine 2.0.

  • Learn methods on how to promote hot products effectively and to make your subscriber want to but your product.
  • Start to generate affiliate commission when you start with their proven formula.
  • The easy way to set up and leave behind your autoresponder camapigns and run on auto-pilot.
  • To make tons of commissions by just clicking the send button and get high email open rates and click-through rates.
  • And many more strategies..

All the pointers above are worth 8 bucks? Henry Gold might as well advertise it for free. It is obvious that all these pointers are not true if you are new to email marketing.

Let me tell of my experience in email marketing. It is not as sweet as you see, getting high open rates and click through rates. It is tough and there are a lot of fine tuning to do in order to kick start your campaign. It is a gradual improvement and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel after numerous fine tunings on your campaign. It is not easy I can tell you. So trust me on this, don’t be fool by this hype.

Should you follow Email Cash Machines 2.0?


There are some plus points on this product. I am not saying that this product is totally a scam. You can learn some basic stuff like basic content writing, knowhow on follow up emails to warm up and excite your subscriber on the product you are launching.

The product doesn’t teach you how to built your subscribers list as most products in the market. Building your list will definitely take time and you will need to learn and fine tune.

Tip of the day: One way to build your list is to create traffic to your website and interest your audience by writing interesting articles and frequent blogging. This way, your audience will be interested and sign up to your subscriber list. So, take this tip and if you want to learn more, you can opt in my email course on the right.


So is Email Cash Machines 2.0 a scam?

It is not totally a scam, there are some basic learning and at 8 bucks, what do you expect. One more thing to note, you will also learn to create squeeze pages to land people from Facebook to your subscriber list. Something new to learn.

However, the upsells really irritates me and I don’t find it very useful. Overall, it is not worth your 8 bucks on this product. I personally am not going to try and buy the upsells but you can go ahead and check it out and judge it for yourself. But it ain’t worth it. Trust me.

If you are new to email marketing, you may want to try out Autoresponder Madness. This is one hell of a product and you can surely learn a lot on writing good contents, planning to launch your product using their methods. It is surely a lot better than Email Cash Machines 2.0 but much more expensive. I have tried it and love it.


You may also want to check out my #1 recommend product which you can learn the fundamentals of creating a website, hosting, blogging, etc. Without traffic to your website, you might not get a fair bit of subscribers list. So may want to check out the review on my #1 recommend product.

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