Is High Ticket Cash Machine a Scam? – Can This Machine Really Works?

Product name: High Ticket Cash Machine

Owner name: Gary Alach & Rash Vin


Rating: 7/10

Every affiliate marketer has his eyes on the best training deals to get from a program that can help him build their online business and affiliate marketing career. Finding a program that offers a newbie in affiliate marketing the opportunity to rake an income without the experience seems like a very enticing offer to take. This is what the High Ticket Cash Machine promises to affiliate marketers out there. You can possibly enjoy full time earnings in just a few minutes every day and you have all the training needs you need in order to become a successful affiliate marketer. Sounds a good offer, right? But you must probably wondering, is High Ticket Cash Machine a scam? There are so much speculations you can make but this review will help you understand the program better.

What is High Ticket Cash Machine?

The main banner of the High Ticket Cash Machine is providing newbie the chance to rake massive paydays without the need of an experience. It offers an affiliate marketing system that provides the complete training you need in order to become a successful internet marketer.

It founders are Gary Alach and Rash Vin who created the system that will teach you how to select, market, sell and earn an income from good affiliate products that are priced well. The product is sold at its original price of $197 but is being offered at a very cheaper price of $19.95 only.  If you get lucky enough you can get a coupon code to get a $3 discount from the subscription price of the program.

High Ticket Cash Machine Review

The High Ticket Cash Machine appears to be very enticing to newbies because of the promising income that one can potentially earn without the experience requirement. What comes with your subscription are training videos about the topics on ad analytics, audience research, landing page creation and other topics related on affiliate marketing. You also have the chance of joining a Facebook group that is created exclusively only for High Ticket Cash Machine members.

There are basically three modules in the program. The first module consists of product selection topic. There are three videos in the module teaching how to select the right affiliate product that will most likely sell from Clickbank and other similar networks. You also learn the basic on making CPA offers. The second video is on lead capture where you learn how to use landing pages, optimization, ad copy and analytics. Here are three videos in this module. The third module consists of videos about research and traffic. The module has 15 video lectures about PPC and ad networks, article marketing, SEO, keyword research and other traffic sourcing and retargeting strategies.

The Pros

The High Ticket Cash Machine has training modules that are helpful especially among the beginners in affiliate marketing. The system provides basic but essential information about affiliate marketing. The videos are also shorter which helps prevent the delivery of overwhelming information to the person watching it. There are also useful case studies to learn from.

The Cons

While there are good sources of information and training materials relevant to affiliate marketing, the training program lacks information on how you can build your own affiliate website which is very important for beginners to know. And while you thought that you are only charge for the subscription you will realize that there are other offers given to you for a price. As soon as you join the system, you will be offered with upsell of other products valued at a reduced price.

These upsells are mainly optional but can be annoying sometimes since they appear immediately after you login to your account and you will see them first always before you can access your choice of products. Moreover, while the training modules have very useful information, some of the content is found elsewhere in the internet for free. In fairness though, the third module has wealth of information that are very impressively informative and useful. The subscriber has very little post purchase support so you are to assume you are most of the time on your own in using and learning the training materials.


If you ask me is High Ticket Cash Machine a scam? it is not. The program does work in helping you learn about the basics on affiliate marketing. The caveat is that there are too many information provided in the training videos that are actually accessible online for free, although some do provide unique content.

The system does work for people who do not want to bother themselves in making a research about affiliate marketing and prefer to have a module guide to help them in their learning and education.

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