Is Rapid Content Wizard a scam? – Rapidly losing the plot.

Product Name: Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition

Owner: Sean Danahoe

Start up fee: $97

Website: rcwlightning.com

Rating: 5/100


If you are a blogger, the flow of your contents is important part of your blog. It doesn’t matter if your ideas are limited but a good content will bring you traffic to your website.

Writing contents is never easy and I can tell you when you start to run out of ideas, you will know that you are going to hit the wall flat on your face. Every bloggers and writers experienced this and it is not always fun.

So, how do you write a good content or an article?

One way of to keep on practicing and practicing until you get it right. Another way, the WRONG way is to copy contents from other articles and post it on your website using a software by Sean Danahoe.

Let’s go on with the review.

What is Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition?

Rapid Content Wizard is created by Sean Dahanoe and the product looks compelling with interesting features which can be easily bought especially newbies. Sean package this product as a software which provides contents to users by keying a keyword. That’s it. You will get a content, choose the right one, amend a bit here and there, select an affiliate link and post it on your blog.


It is that simple right?

If it is that simple, every internet marketers in the market will be buying RCW without hesitation and Sean Dahanoe will be laughing himself to the bank. This product has it flaws and I am 100% sure by using this method you will get yourself in deep waters with search engines especially Google.

To me, this software is taking contents from other websites and provide you with copied contents to post it in your website. This is a ‘smart’ move if you are lazy to write or blog but let me tell you with the current search algorithms employed by Google, should your content be posted online, you will not be ranked as Google recognizes the post have been published before you and will ignore it.

So in a matter of a few posts, your website will not have the traffic you desire or your articles and blogs will not be read as our audience will know that you are copying contents. So not a good idea per se.

Can I follow Rapid Content Wizard?

When I watched the introductory video, I am appalled by seeing this software duplicating contents. Quite pissed actually. This is misleading and has no real advantage to your internet marketing skills. As a marketer, I have to spent hours upon hours writing articles, purchasing programs to improve my skillsets and this product has the tool to duplicate contents for its members. I think this is way to rude to be honest.


I am totally against this product and I think you should too. This is unethical and outright illegal. That’s it. No question ask.

I don’t think there is a Pros in this product and I can tell you there are many red flags in an instance.

Pros – None.


    • Duplicating articles found in the internet. What a piece of BS!
    • Provide contents for your selection from different articles
    • Duplicating contents will not get rank in Google and thus traffic to your website will drop subsequently.
    • It is outright daylight robbery in my opinion.


Personally, by buying this product, it will be a waste of your money. I am not against people who have no time to write and finding ways to post articles without doing anything. By buying this product, it will be a disadvantage to you as a marketer. You may get ranked the first time but you will be caught in the long run, maybe its tomorrow, 10 days later or a month later after your 20th articles.


It is not safe to use this software and I am 100% sure that your will be in deep shit when you get caught. Deep shit is your articles won’t get rank and you will need to start over again. It is a piece of crap product to me.

Well, Sean Dahanoe need to create this product to sell and I have to give him credit for his marketing campaign. He put in effort to create this software and I can give him some 5 points for that. Anyways, this product is crap and it is a scam product to me.

If you want to know about affiliate marketing than buying this product at 97 bucks, you can sign up for my free course on affiliate marketing on the sidebar.

One last thing to note, you may find a suitable program but writing content is an important part of internet marketing, don’t be fooled by products that create contents for you. Don’t believe in the hype. Look for a the best method to elevate your knowledge in internet marketing, look for my #1 recommend product.

Internet Scams Report

So what’s next for you? Think about it.

Feel free to share your view below. Thank you.


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