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Survey Money Machines
Survey Money Machines




Created and founded by Hailey Gates, Survey Money Machine has operated for quite some time since 2005.


But is Survery Money Machine, legit and real or is it another online scam? Today, it seems like every week a new survey is released on online money making scheme products. This product is nothing special. The founder will refer you to multiple network surveys that are free and with every survey you sign up for, you earn a commission. Sounds simple right? However, there are numerous dangers that come along with and it may also not be the most ideal way to generate profit online in which you can invest your time on.


Name: Survey Money Machines


Price: Free but with a huge catch

Owner: Hailey Gates


Survey Money Machines
Survey Money Machines – What is it?




Survey Money Machines is a product that offers its members a way to earn money from commissions by completing surveys. According to its owner and founder, Hailey Gates, she is your regular work-at-home mom who has made a huge profit from simply filling up surveys.


Signing up in the website is absolutely free; however, Survey Money Machines does not pay your straight away after completing surveys, instead, it will direct you to a different survey website wherein you’ll have to sign up again and this time for a fee in order to start working by completing surveys.


Basically, Survey Money Machines generate its profit by giving its members affiliate link to other survey websites, wherein those websites pay Survey Money Machines if its members pay for the affiliation on their own websites.




After you’re done signing up for free, Survey Money Machine will then redirect you to a marketing research company or otherwise known as another survey website for you to sign in for a fee in order to start getting survey links on your email.


To increase your probability of getting selected for filling up more surveys, Survey Money Machines will encourage you to sign up in as many survey websites as you can. You then can either obtain cash or prizes, depending on what they have to offer, once you’ve successfully completed all the surveys.


Survey Money Machines
Survey Money Machines – Are These Claims Even True?




There are red flags on the following promises that Survey Money Machines claims that will make you think twice about its legitimacy. These promises include the following:


  • Get paid up to $75 per hour by simply taking phone surveys.
  • Get paid up to $100 per hour through participation in focus groups.
  • Get paid $4 to $25 per hour by previewing movie trailers.
  • Enter an exclusive sweepstakes where only a few selected people can avail to win nice prices.
  • Get paid for trying out new products and as a reward get to keep the product for you.




The product claims that it is free; however, research has proven that this claim are actually false, and the guaranteed profit it promises is in no way accurate. And as previously mentioned in this article, Survey Money Machines will redirect you to other survey website in which they are an affiliate, wherein you need to sign up for a fee in order to receive survey on your email.



  • You can sign up for free.
  • Offers a good list of survey websites.
  • Free list of survey panels.



  • Not available in all countries.
  • It’s quite hard to qualify for different surveys.
  • Impossible to earn the promised amount of income.
  • By providing your email to their affiliates, you will surely receive a lot of spam.
  • There are many inconsistencies in Survey Money Machines’ claims
  • There are times where you have to pay in order to complete product reviews, which will be charged to you credit card.
  • It will take a lot of time for money to start coming in and will come in small amounts from various survey websites.
  • You will get a handful of links to complete on a daily basis.
  • Will take up a lot of your time for a little amount of money.


Survey Money Machines
Survey Money Machines – The Final Verdict




As you may have guessed, the verdict for this website and product is that it is something that should not be recommended to anyone at all. You will waste a lot of your time in signing up and filling up survey in exchange of very small amount of income, which will not even come if you have not completed the number of surveys needed to earn the minimum withdrawal threshold these websites needs.


Aside from these facts, the website comes packed with lies and red flags, which are one of the many factors as to why you should not even, dare try signing up. Survey Money Machine is a legit website, which means you can actually make some profit from it from its process of filling up surveys; however, it is not worth your time because of the actual little amount of ROI you will be earning with them.


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