Galaxy Trio

Is Galaxy Trio a scam?

Product Name: Galaxy Trio

Product Website:

Membership fee: USD$300 or USD$2,000

Rating: 20/100

Recently, my friend and I were talking on our experience with MLM companies. I have joined 2 MLM companies a few years back, wanting to learn on how this MLM works. During the course of training under these MLM companies, we were asked to refer them to friends and family members. In the training, the leaders explained on how they got their passive income to the next level and so on. Training will be mostly on motivation speeches, boasting on high end apartments, flashy cars and a bit of marketing. The marketing part will be on selling their products and the dream to be financial free.

I was young and well, I saw this as an opportunity and signed up without hesitation. Later on, I didn’t buy the idea of MLM. It is just hard selling on the company’s product while getting referrals to join as your down-lines.

My point is when you see companies selling their products and wants you to be their distributor, I think it is best you stay away. My thought is that Galaxy Trio is not for you to invest your hard earn money and I advise you to stay away.

What is Galaxy Trio?

Galaxy Trio

Galaxy Trio is a company that originated from USA that offers their affiliates with marketing strategies in promoting their products including audio ebooks and motivation inputs to get referrals to join as an affiliate.

Is Galaxy Trio a scam?

My thought is YES.

I think most of the publication reviews including the local media are informing that this is a product to be avoided. I hope you are with me.

Galaxy Trio1

You can see that Galaxy Trio offers training to guide affiliates to financial freedom. I have read numerous books on how to be financial free, some of the books are very knowledgeable and some are craps. I have been to seminars upon seminars to listen and use this knowledge to apply on way I decide on business opportunities and differentiate the product is legit or a scam.

Let me guide you to the reason that Galaxy Trio is a product to be avoided.

  1. When I search on what products the company’s is offering, I could not view it. I am assuming that the products they offer are motivation trainings to get you to refer your friends and family.
  2. There is no contact or originator to the company.
  3. The website content is brief without explaining the products and only inform you that it is a referral company which provides you with monetary benefits.

I am assuming that the above pointers are not really a good start for a company. The best thing is that they do not inform users of their main office address or location.

Is it worth the shot to join Galaxy Trio?

Please stay away!

There are more negative reviews than positive one for Galaxy Trio. You might hesitate to join and I will not stop you. It is up to you to decide. There are a few who succeed in MLM and it is a hard work promoting their products. You have to persuade your friends and family members to join in and it will be really hard work if you are not in sales line.

I do not know what type of network marketing products they are offering but from my experience in MLM, I can tell you that Galaxy Trio is the same as other companies promoting products which they want you to sell. I have been through 2 MLM companies and I think promoting their products is not worth your efforts.


My thought on Galaxy Trio is a scam. I do not see anything worth a shot especially when you are looking around for opportunities. There are many ways to look for better deals and opportunities than going through a network marketing company. I really don’t foresee you going through such a hassle unless you are a good sales person.

As I say in my previous blog, you can try other better means in the internet to earn your passive income. You can learn to built your own website and enjoy blogging on your personal interest and you can sell products through affiliate programs. To be honest, it may take a while to hit a good run. All I can say is to be patient and follow your goals. It will lead you somewhere in life.

Feel free to give us your comments below. Thank you.

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