Is Wake Up Millionaire products a scam? It’s not easy to be one.

Review on Wake Up Millionaire – Patric Chan

Product Name: Wake Up Millionaire – Patric Chan

Start up fee: USD$47

Website: wakeupmillionaire.com

Rating: 30/100


Everybody wants to be a millionaire and be financially free. When I stumbled upon this program, I was rather curious as something tells me that either this program is a scam or a hoax. I am quite convince after I read through and follow this program, it will not turn you into a millionaire.

So let’s start on our short review on Wake Up Millionaire.

What is Wake Up Millionaire?

Wake Up Millionaire is founded by Patric Chan and in his program, he teaches users to have a mindset of a millionaire. When you join Wake Up Millionaire, you will need to purchase his ebooks and video trainings.


In order for you have a millionaire mindset, you will need to follow his video trainings and read his ebooks and thereafter have the right mindset to be a successful in your business. Patric Chan claims that he has found a last piece of the jigsaw puzzle from countless of seminars he attended and apply this to his program to make you have the millionaire mindset. Like all other gurus, Patric Chan has his ways to encourage and motivate people to join in his program and while every program has its advantages and disadvantages but by checking out his product, I can say, his product has the content but is it worth your money.

Should I follow Wake up Millionaire?

There is a onetime payment of $47 which is affordable if you start to join the program. So basically you will be get a ebooks and be taught comprehensively about how to get the millionaire mentality and understand his training and apply it to your business.

There is no strategies related to online marketing and I am not recommending this program to you although it is just $47. There are hundreds of books out there that you can read for just 5 bucks from Amazon which is similar to what you get from Wake Up Millionaire. The marketing strategies and branding of this product is well sorted out and I guess Patric Chan have to cover the cost of marketing to promote this product. Patric Chan then offers a free copy of his ebooks to further entice readers to buy to his product.


So should you buy Patric Chan Wake Up Millionaire? To be honest, although it is quite affordable and reading books about millionaire mindset can be enriching honestly speaking (as I have read quite a number of books related to this), they will not show you the strategies of making money. The only consolation you get from reading the books is the motivation factor and that’s it. Well, there is a 60 days money back guarantee if you don’t like the product but I think it is not worth it. The product by Wake Up Millionaire is by Clickbank and to get a refund from Clickbank, it may take awhile and I usually don’t bother unless t is worth a few thousand quid.


The best method to boost your knowledge is not by reading motivation ebooks and video trainings, it is about finding a right program for you. From my personal experience, reading motivational books are not worth your time, you cannot learn the strategies to make money. Your time can be better manage by learning to make an income out of online marketing.

If you are looking into internet marketing, you can checkout my #1 recommend product and I can assure you that you will learn something out of it. You will not be a millionaire but if you put your time and effort, you can be successful and financially free.

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