Is Build My Income Daily a scam? Another product to sell.

Review on Build My Income Daily

Product Name: Build My Income Daily

Owners: Marvin Williams


Start up fee: $97 for Basic, $149.99 for Pro and $599.99 for Platinum membership.

Rating: 20/100


Internet marketing is not an easy job to say the least. You have to work hard to get your reward and earn your income online. I must say that there are tonnes of programs that are available out there for you to choose from such as the one that I am going to review.

Build My Income Daily sounds like an opportunity to earn your income online. When you steps in the website, you will see lots of contents that are fairly interesting and that’s where you want to click on to purchase the product. After doing my research online with my fellow marketers, we are quite optimistic that this is just another product that isn’t worth your money to invest in.

So let’s go on to review this product.

What is Build My Income Daily?


Basically it is a program to help user in internet marketing and providing the necessary tools to create an income online. There are 3 types of membership that you can opt for, from Basic to Platinum membership and it can cost you quite a sum and that’s just to get started.

BMID encourages and teaches their affiliates or members to promote and sells. Indirectly, you will be encourage to promote their product to get more affiliates as members. This is one of the red flags that we see in BMID. There are a couple of good programs out there which you can choose from which are for free and you can promote their product as an affiliate.

Another thing about BMID is the traffic generation strategies that are being translated to their users and members. It may take some time and patient for your traffic to be at a healthy level but when you are a member in BMID, you will be introduced to paid advertising to increase your traffic. I don’t think you want to pay the additional amount after your initial investment.


Should you follow Build My Income Daily?

The cost of investment is on a on a high side and you will need to upgrade to the next level if you are keen. Well about the program, I don’t think I would recommend this program to you. Let me summarized the pros and cons as follows.


  • You will get a list of free marketing resources
  • Step by step instruction to get started called the Daily Success.
  • Pre-written emails and ads hosting to get started.
  • Software uses social media interaction on Facebook.


  • Cost is on the high side.
  • Teaches paid advertising methods to increase traffic. This is not advisable as it won’t make any difference to increase your income. There are better ways than paid advertising.
  • Using social media interaction can be a good idea but by using this software which uses your account can be bad for your reputation online as you can be spammer promoting BMID.
  • There are a lot of spammers in the social media and most of these spammers are getting themselves into trouble so using this software is not recommended.

The above points explains that BMID is not worth your time and effort. Your money can be put to other use. The program are quite overpriced and as a member, you will need to promote and sell the product.


So is it worth your money to join Build My Income Daily? My honest opinion is NOT to join. I hope the above pointers will make you think on joining the program.

You can see from the program, the method BMID teaches are not updated and in today’s internet marketing, you will need to be a step ahead of others. There are no free picking or silver spoon to feed you and I can honestly tell you that you won’t get anywhere without working hard. The programs offered are only to assist you in your path and choosing the right program is essential now.

So my advice is to do your research thoroughly and find a program that suits you or you can allow me to introduce to you a program which is best sought out by users and internet marketers.

Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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