Is a Scam?

Is a Scam? It Make Me Laugh So Bad

Product Name: 250 program


Price: $99 + $9.95

Rating: 0/100

Is a Scam?

This is the most ridiculous and funniest program that teaches you how to make money online. Is 250 program a scam? I can laugh out loud and say yes it is, from what I see how it design the system to test human mentality.
Seriously, I do not want you to waste your time on this program. Read my #1 Recommended Product.

What is it?

A quick and easy way the program explain. No website, no selling, no explaining, no convincing and no talking to prospect.

All you need to do is to get the contact number of this program to just one person. The rest will be well taken care of their auto phone voice recorded systematically repeat it whole system, how you get in the first place.

The Pro and Con

Usually in my review, I always point out the product or the program on the pro and con. In this 250 program, I simply can’t find any pro to be listed to share. While for the con, it has already surfaced all the red flags once you land on the website.

The Sales Video

The video itself says it all, their so called done for your system. Here how you can start with this crappy no website business with some investment that you shouldn’t spend. “Done for You” system at the cost of $99 and charges of $9.95 “phone capture system”. They will send you leads to your email and get people to watch this video just like you did. If someone out pays for this system you get paid.

It is a chain game that never ends. There is no product at all, making people look like a fool.

Auto Voice Message

The auto voice message is recorded by a guy or I not sure who the one they name Ty Long. His voice sound cool and convincing, but certainly don’t work for me and you of course.



It is really a bad program that teaches you to scam other people out there for their hard work money. It’s a program that designed to help people make money online in a disguise. It sounds so easy with their explanation which I do agree, but for sure it out to con you. Now you can know why it makes me laugh out loud on this program.

Avoid this program entirely, if you are looking ways to make money online. Learn by the legit way, you can start without putting your credit card at risk. Read My #1 Recomend Product.

Internet Scams Report

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2 thoughts on “Is a Scam? It Make Me Laugh So Bad”

  1. I bookmarked your site seeing these scams you find will give me a daily laugh. Wow this program is just give away $100 to hope for the chance someone else gives away $100 too? So crazy.

    but I have a question: is wealthy affiliate your site or are you just referring people there for payment? In all your posts you mention it…:/

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