Is Autoblog Samurai a scam?

Is AutoBlog Samurai a Scam? – Ninja Maybe a Better Choice

Product Name: Auto Blog Samurai
Website : (not affiliate link)
Price : $77 one-time payment and Optional Monthly $37 (Premium Tools)
Owner: Paul Ponna
Rating : 20/100

Is Autoblog Samurai a scam?

Considering to start a blog? Is can be fun, but frankly speaking, it is not easy to maintain. Constantly creating content and ideas for your blog is a tough job. It seems easy for bloggers to make money online. They have built their blog for months if not years.

How about using auto software to create content for your blog. Heard of AutoBlog Samurai? Like it or not, it does create content, but it may not what you want your readers to read. So is AutoBlog Samurai a scam?

What is it?

It is a software to auto create content for your blog. It works on WordPress and It has the ability to produce several languages.

It may propose to have it, is to let you create multiple blog. So each blog can make you $1 or up to $100 a day.
It cost $77 and a monthly of $37


• Auto blogging
• No need any technical skill


• No proper training
• Not easy to gain traffic
• Content make no sense
• Waste of time

Auto Blogging

As the software itself tells you after you install, you are hands free. Well taken care by the samurai, but does samurai give you what you want. The content created make no sense to readers.
After all, it can’t even gain traffic by these contents. Without traffic or make other words real people that visit your blog. It’s impossible to even earn a single cents through your blog.

Is Autoblog Samurai a scam?

Real Blogging

Blogging main objective is to choose a topic or niche that your passion about. Constantly updating your blog is to maintain a connection with your readers. Helping them to gain knowledge and find out the latest thing happen to the topic you chosen.

Your task is not just by writing, you may need the addition skill like using the right keywords for your post title and within your post. A little of website creation skill. Building a website these days is so easy.


Is AutoBlog Samurai a scam? I feel it is because the video claims that the system works miraculously. By installing it to your blog, you just need to sit back and see the money grow. That will not happen in reality. Real people searching the internet every minute and every second. They know what is the real content that written by human.

I do not recommend you to waste your money or time on this product. Read my #1 Recommend Product.

What you think of AutoBlog Samurai? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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