Is 4life a scam? Dream big with MLM.

Product Name: 4life

Website: http://www.4life.com/

Membership fee: $29.95 starter kit

Rating: 45/100

The internet are a source of our daily ‘fuel’ which we could not live without. You cannot name a person who do not surf the internet within a day. We have our smart phones and well, we certainly do surf the internet anywhere and anytime of the day.

So what do I mean and suggest? There is a saying that if you get to persuade at least 1% of the internet users to buy a product, you will make tonnes of money and be an internet sensation. Internet marketing is a way to do it so companies take advantage of the internet and use the power of persuasion to get users to but their products.

Marketing strategies are being introduced to entice users and you can see that some of these companies used referral tactics to reward their followers. What is this term? Its Multi Level Marketing or MLM.

You can see companies that are selling their products, will want you to be their distributor. There are advantages and disadvantages of being in a MLM and one of the disadvantages is hard selling and getting referrals to join as your down-lines.

So let me do a short review on 4life.

What is 4life?


4life is a health and wellness multi-level-marketing (MLM) that sells supplements such as multi vitamins and other health supplements.

Health and wellness products are a very popular product to many of us, even I take supplement pills daily. To me, health is rather important part of my life and I do take it seriously. MLM companies are targeting health products as their secondary income stream and some of the popular brands are selling this. You can just goggle them to find out more.

4life uses the internet marketing as their source to target audience. They have their compensation plans such as direct selling and referral system. It is a norm these days on compensation plans.

Is 4life a scam?


If you are a passionate about health and wellness products including good selling skills, this might be the product for you but if you are the reserved type, there are better options out there for you.

I am a hard selling type, you can be their distributor. From my observation, most of 4life products are commonly being sold on Amazon. The reviews are fairly satisfactory but my thoughts is that it is quite challenging for you to sell the products at Amazon as you will be competing with other distributors.

Another compensation plan is the referral program. It is all about recruiting people and you will get your monetary incentive when you achieve your goals. When you recruit someone and that someone recruit his referral, you will be offered progression in terms of rank.

So it doesn’t stop there. You and your team must keep on progressing, selling your products and not opt out. If some of your downlines say opt out or are not selling enough, your income will be greatly affected. Many of the uplines conduct training sessions for their downlines and really hard sells the product to achieve their target.

Is it worth the shot to join 4life?


This is up to you. The overall package is reasonably affordable but you will need to hard sell the product. If you are into health and wellness product, you have the advantage. Moreover, you can also use internet marketing such as advertise this products in your own website. These are some ways to make your progression achievable.

My honest thought of MLM is the companies have their basis, to get you to be their distributor. How you advertise their products is up to you and these may be very challenging for a newbie.

The products are satisfactory and I have not heard of any major side effect to a person. Health and wellness products are a popular product now and many companies are trying to penetrate their proprietary product in the internet.


MLM is so a call network marketing. This means that you need to connect to people in order to sell your products. Selling is a challenging process and you will need to be experience enough to get going. The more prospect or customers you connect too, the more chances you get to sell your products and to recruit.

Another major setback is that there are distributors that are selling the products and you will need to be a step better than them. In order for you to do this, you will need to be informed of the product and think out of the box on your marketing strategies.

As per my previous blog, whatever program you choose, you are to believe in it and work hard to achieve your goals. For me, affiliate marketing is a better option than MLM marketing. In affiliate marketing, you need not do any hard selling on a product, you can promote and sell a product of your interest. You do not have to recruit or train your downlines to sell, it is at your own time to promote your product.

You can learn to built your own website and enjoy blogging on your personal interest and you can sell products through affiliate programs. So get started on affiliate marketing and you can join me. I will be glad to show you what affiliate marketing is all about. Get started with me.

Feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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