Is Turbo PayPal a Scam?

Is Turbo PayPal a Scam? – The Ultimate Piece of Crap

Product Name: Turbo PayPal
Owner: Carlos Romero
Price: $4.99
Website: (not affiliate link)
Rating: 0/100

The Turbo PayPal System

What’s the meaning of “Turbo”? We know it is about speed and lighting fast. So does it mean The Flash can be that fast to send money right into your PayPal account. Wait a minute! The Flash is one of my favorite superhero and he will not to do such dirty work. So is Turbo PayPal a scam? I can sense it is from a distance this is more a villain than a superhero.
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What is Turbo PayPal?

Long story short, the so call founder of this system provide you content, images and a recorded video. You can copy and paste the content and embed the video to your website. You can chose to buy your own domain and hosting or use free hosting site to get started.
You will create a PayPal account waiting to collect money as this is what he claim. So when people land on your site and decide to try out you get paid. So it will continuously down the line and make other people sign to the same. I call it a “Clone Game”.

Is Turbo PayPal a Scam?


• Very cheap to get started (Only $4.99)


• It’s obvious a scam tactic
• You aren’t going to learn anything
• Waste of time


Low Quality Video Presentation

First of all, the video itself raises a major red flag. There is no proper introduction of the system work. He keeps on repeating himself on how he creates this system to help you make money. Showing you his new PayPal account starting from zero credit and the next day shows you he make money. This goes on every day to make you think you found an autopilot system to make money online.

This video is embedded on every website that promote Turbo PayPal.

The video upload to YouTube on the date of July 14th 2013. Take note YouTube users have flagged this video as possibly scam, spam or commercially deceptive content.


Is Turbo PayPal a scam? Yes, it is! Stay away from this system that is showing you the wrong way to make money online. The founder is quite smart, he price his product at $4.99 which is so cheap that people might not worry to spend on it.

His system is not even close to affiliate marketing. All he wants you to do is repeat what he started off. There are many legit ways to make money online, but certainly there are no short cuts. You are a smart person, such low tactic won’t make you fall for his trap. Read my #1 Recommend Product to kick start your online business.

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