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PRODUCT NAME: Automated Daily Income

OWNER NAME: Raena Lynn


RATING:  0/10

Everyone who is looking to earn an extra income by working at home will find the Automated Daily Income offer very appealing. Who wouldn’t? The company is offering a product that can help you earn a minimum of $500 just by trying out their product. Before you fall into a trap by signing up to this earn from money home scheme you should be prudent enough to ask is Automated Daily Income a scam? Here’s what we think about the product.

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Is Automated Daily Income A Scam?

Automated Daily Income offers an opportunity for you to make money from home through its multi-level marketing (MLM) system that works as an affiliate marketing training. But while it appears that they are marketing their product as Automated Daily Income it is just a front of My Online Business Empire or MOBE, which is an overpriced MLM company apparently owned by Matt Lloyd.

If you visit the site of the Automated Daily Income and click on the term and conditions tab you will be redirected to the site showing the MOBE terms and condition. There is no doubt that Automated Daily Income is another funnel of MOBE MLM scheme.

MOBE has been known to be bombarded with complaints before. Some of its subscribers claim that they did not get the refund they requested despite the 30 day money back guarantee that comes with their subscription. Worse, one subscribe claimed to have lost $40,000 by using the MOBE product. Automated Daily Income being associated with MOBE is not a good thing and gives you more reason to steer away from a company with known tainted reputation in doing their business.

What you get from your subscription

With Automated Daily Income you get access to their product that provides you access in copying and pasting sales page that helps you earn an income by posting links. At the onset the product appears to be affordable as it costs about $49 only. However, it will cost you about $1000 for upsells.

Once you gain access to the product you get connected to different sites which are actually undesirable with known bad reputation for being a scam. Some of these companies have nothing to do with the product and services that you subscribed for. As you come across these companies you will notice that most of them share similar sales pages and lead back to MOBE.

At one point of using the Automated Daily you will be directed to complete the 21 MOBE’s steps which are series of trainings that you need to complete in order to get you to your desired success. These steps will also include the need to purchase the whole program in order to obtain licensing rights to MOBE. The entire process will actually cost about $2,497 in total.

So your $49 subscription will only give you a door opening to access the MOBE training program which will incur you to spend thousands of dollars in order to achieve your success goals. Automated Daily Income leads you to more expensive MLM training sources that are offered by MOBE’s 3 Upper Tiers namely Titanium worth $9997, Platinum worth $16,667 and Diamond worth $29997.

What Automated Daily Income Offers Are Too Good To Be True

The product claims that it will help you earn money instantly without the need for an experience or skills. It basically promotes link posting as the main source of earning an income. And it even assures that you will earn an income of $500 minimum once you start using the system.

Its sales page will also claim that you can earn at least $379 from link posting per day. The problem is link posting is already an outdated and unprofitable way of earning an income these days. The search engine now bans sites that use link posting for promoting websites. So earning $379 a day from link posting seems to be an exaggerated claim.


Automated Daily Income technically does not exist in the sense that it is merely used as a front by the company MOBE. It merely tricks people to subscribe to their product which initially offers a very low cost subscription fee but turns out to be followed by very expensive upsells. Knowing the reputation of MOBE it is more reasonable to answer the question is Automated Daily Income a scam? as a yes.

There are many ways of earning money from the comfort of your home that are free and more efficient. Link posting is no longer a good source of promoting businesses online and is not as profitable as Automated Daily Income claims it to be. If you are unaware of this fact you will certainly get scammed by subscribing for expensive training series that will not yield good income later on for you. Stay away from Automated Daily Income since it will certainly suck your money out of you and there is no way of recovering your losses.


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