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Is Max Daily Profits A Scam? – Will It Work?

Max Daily Profits


PRODUCT NAME: Max Daily Profits

OWNER NAME: Paul Prissick and Mark Barret


RATING:  5/10


There are many ways to find yourself an extra income and there are many companies offering you the opportunities to do so. One of these is the Max Daily Profit which provides an affiliate marketing strategy to help you grow your profit quickly. But just as any mindful investors you will probably ask first is Max Daily Profits a scam? Here is our review about the product to help you discern whether this is a good investment to earn money from home or not.

Is Max Daily Profits a scam?

Max Daily Profits is a product created by Paul Prissick and Mark Barret who are internet marketers. They designed the program to provide means to earn money from home through affiliate marketing by giving coaching, trainings and lessons about affiliate marketing to jump start your affiliate business career. The product comes with a subscription fee of $97 which is periodically offered at a discounted price for as low as $17 down to $2. Your subscription will entitle you to access coaching videos, bonus trainings, cheat sheet on the step by step process about affiliate marketing and traffic guides with free traffic sources that you can use and marketing campaign tools.

How the product works

What the product claims is that it will help you earn massive income that can replace your employment income along the process. It even markets a qualified commission of $468.97 per month as a passive income by using Max Daily Profits strategies and affiliate promotions. You do not need a product to sell and all you have to do is to simply display in your web page the free trial offer it provides. This free trial offer comes with a sign up form where people can sign up for the free trial and will then be charged recurrently every month should they decide to continue using the service. You will earn a commission as long as the people signing up from your affiliate site pay for their subscription.

But your affiliate site will not be free. Max Daily Profits offers a service for hosting, auto responder and page making which you will subscribe from it at a fee of $97 per month and alternatively you can also opt for his high converting funnel by paying a one-time fee of $27. There is also an extra charge of $19 per month for the autoresponder service to collect emails and follow up on your subscribers.

Among the things that Max Daily Profits will teach you is to learn both paid and free traffic strategies. For newbies it is highly recommended to try out the free traffic strategies first to test the waters and learn more about affiliate marketing. While the free traffic strategies provided by the product are helpful it does not provide in-depth training which will prompt you to use the paid method instead. There is a risk of having losses in initially considering that you need to test the strategy by paying without knowing whether it will yield profitable results.

There are also upsells once you subscribe for Max Daily Profits which its marketers will push you to purchase. For $27 you will get 10 message follow up series to encourage people to buy your offers. To avail of the sales funnel to make more profits you will have to pay $27 for this system. It also offers a Max Daily Profit master class for $97 in order to avail a personal coaching lesson from Mark and Paul.

Max Daily Profits


Downside of the Product

While you can find useful information from the product it is disappointing to know that its marketing page is quite tricky when it promotes that the product will provide you everything you need for start your affiliate business. However, it turns out that your subscription will only give you very few tools and materials to use and more upsells to pay for in order to get a more comprehensive help in affiliate marketing. Simply stated, the promotion of the product is overhyped. There is also a need for you to pay or subscribe for the two upsells so you can proceed otherwise the training course will not be of any help to start since you will have no access to creating your sales page and setting up the autoresponder. The sales page of the product is a bit misleading so you have to be more cautious about its claims and need to understand how the product works and how you will earn to get better insight whether its claims for profit is practical or reasonable under your circumstances.

The benefits you can gain

Max Daily Profits provide legitimate affiliate companies which will actually give you the opportunity to earn some profit. It also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. The product can be a source of income but the methods it provides are not really quite innovative so you should not expect quick results.


Is Max Daily Profit a scam? It is not. It provides products that are helpful in earning profits from affiliate marketing only if you rely heavily on paid traffic. The methods it provides are not so innovative and the commission you can potentially earn may not be as good as what the product claims.

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