The Laptop Entrepreneurs

Is The Laptop Entrepreneurs A Scam? – Not A Cheap Deal

The Laptop Entrepreneurs


PRODUCT NAME: The Laptop Entrepreneurs

OWNER NAME: Gerard Hall, Merrilee Watson, Christopher Hall and Sandrine Hecq


RATING:  5/10


Finding a decent job with just a laptop and an internet connection is possible. Many people are enjoying living more comfortably by earning money from home without spending so much investment other than using a laptop or computer and the internet. The Laptop Entrepreneurs offers services that will teach you how to use these as a leverage to earn an income. But some are quite skeptical and will likely ask is The Laptop Entrepreneurs a scam? Let’s take a look about this group offering some freedom to work and earn from home with just a laptop and internet.

Is Laptop Entrepreneurs a scam?

The Laptop Entrepreneurs is a team of professionals who are digital consultants and affiliate marketers of Six Figure Mentors which offers online training services. Its site offers a video boot camp for free for seven days where you will learn how to use your laptop and internet to find work and earn from home. The Laptop Entrepreneurs provides training tools, resources and community where you can learn the strategies of earning money online whether by finding a job or starting your own online business that can find your way towards a more comfortable retirement.

The basic trainings that they will provide is coaching you on how to find the right business for you and tailoring your business to suit your own lifestyle. In order to access their video training and resources you need to sign up for a membership and the team will earn a commission from Six Figure Mentors for every payment of membership from its subscribers. There are many advertisements about the Laptop Entrepreneurs mostly on YouTube and many are enticed to their sales pitch that they actually quit their corporate jobs just to focus on working online using their laptop and internet only.

Is Laptop Entrepreneurs worthy investment?

The team of Laptop Entrepreneurs has their own blog site that offers a one on one coaching on how to become successful online entrepreneurs but the fee is very expensive at $1000 per hour. As for the training access from the Laptop Entrepreneurs site you need to subscribe for their training videos at $29.95, sometimes $25 per month depending on the promotional price they offer at a given time. Your subscription will entitle you to the introductory course on making money online, live event recordings, sales pages that are done for you already, funnels, affiliate links and banners. You also get a support from a business consultant along the process.

The problem lies with the upsells where you can upgrade for the Essential Membership for an additional cost of $297 for the enrollment fee and a monthly fee of $97. This will give you access to website hosting, live coaching, higher commissions by promoting the Six Figure Mentor and other add on services. Then there is the Elite membership which will cost you $2500 in order to access add-on features and services. With these add-ons and upgrades you will be surprised it will cost you almost $4000 a year of investment. This kind of investment is not recommended since your potential income may not cover this cost especially when you are just jump starting your online business without the assurance that you will indeed succeed considering it requires serious commitment of your time and effort to become a successful online entrepreneur.


The Laptop Entrepreneurs

The Pros

The Laptop Entrepreneurs provides well structured training videos and helpful coaching to aspiring online entrepreneurs. It also provides a free access to its student membership for free for 30 days. You can actually pick up some helpful information on how you can start your online business with good sources to start.

The Cons

Laptop Entrepreneurs focuses more on promoting the Six Figure Mentor when one should focus on their passion and interests when choosing the online business they want to have. The services are also very expensive as compared to the other sources that you can find online to get valuable information, training tools, coaching and mentoring on how to build an online business. While its starter pack is affordable and even come with free videos it works like a funnel where the further you go the more you need to spend for the training.


To answer the question is the Laptop Entrepreneurs a scam? it is quite obvious that it is not. It offers a legitimate service to help people learn how to build their online business and become successful. However, it does not come with a cheap deal which is the reason why I will not recommend it to people who are new in the industry. It is not a wise investment to make and there are many resources online that can provide information and training just as good as the Laptop Entrepreneurs provides.

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