Is Passive Profits Breakthrough A Scam

Is Passive Profits Breakthrough A Scam? – Take A Serious Look


Is Passive Profits Breakthrough A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Passive Profits Breakthrough

OWNER NAME: Sorin Constantin and Art Flair


RATING:  4/10


I have seen a lot of claims that it only takes a few minutes of your time per day to earn an income passively by using a certain system that will teach you the effective process of raking in a huge income by working at home. While there are effective ways to earn an income from home based jobs you should take a closer look on the process involved. Earning $3,000 or more a month without spending much effort and time may sounds too good to be true which is the claim of Passive Profits Breakthrough program. This is just another program that offers you a video course about creating and selling e-courses online that can potentially earn you at least $100 per day income. Can this product really help you earn an income or is Passive Profits Breakthough is a scam?


Passive Profits Breakthrough Review


The Passive Profits Breakthrough consists of a video course that focuses on teaching you how to create e-courses and selling them online more effectively that can generate you an income of $3,000 or more a month. It provides training courses that will help you identify your own passion or areas of interest from various categories like music, pet care, fitness, photography, dieting, mental health and many others. The Passive Profits Breakthrough is created by Sorin Constantin and Art Flair who claims that their system can help you build long term passive income by using its system with access cost at only $47 which is now down to $9 and will soon be sold at a higher price of $12.97. Expect the price fluctuations as they try to get more people signing up for the system.


The Passive Profits Breakthrough claims that it only takes 30 minutes per passive stream and everything is automated or with a done for you system when you use the product. It claims that once you are able to create a very good training course you are assured of long term passive income for many years. However, as much as the “automated system” sounds very appealing it is quite hard to consider the fact that the competition is very tough in the market and one needs to spend more effort to be ahead of the competition. Spending 30 minutes a day may not be enough to guarantee you a steady passive income stream. The product sales pitch is full of hype and unrealistic claims.




The video course provides simple and easy to follow instructions. Your investment for paying the subscription fee of $9 comes with 18 videos with basic information that will help you discover the ideal subject matter for the course you will create and with a bonus lesson. The product also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.




The sales marketing for the product is overhyped which makes it doubtful whether it is realistic to attain the passive income it guarantees to the subscriber. It casts doubts whether you can attain more sales from your e-course using its automated system. Your subscription also comes with four upsells which is not surprising. If you purchase all upsells it can cost you a total of $178 in addition to your subscription fee.


Is Passive Profits Breakthrough A Scam


Who is Passive Profits Breakthrough For?


Passive Profits Breakthrough is for people who are looking for passive income without really seriously considering of making it their main income source considering there is no guarantee that the automated system the product promotes is effective.


Passive Profits Breakthrough Tools & Training


There are 18 video tutorials for the Passive Profits Breakthrough system. The training is provided through an online course that gives information about the essential components of the course you will create, using the creator software for video, audio and pdf and teaching you how to leverage from the marketplace. The processes of maximizing your income from using Udemy is also taught as well the different promotion techniques to help you advertise and make a sale from your own online course.


Passive Profits Breakthrough Support


Perhaps the support that you can get from the Passive Profits Breakthrough comes from the video tutorials that will provide you the step by step guides on how to start creating and selling your own online course. The product has an automated system that will not require any experience or skill thus you will not need much of a technical support from the creators of the product since you will be left sitting down and waiting for the system to do all the work for you.


My Final Opinion of Passive Profits Breakthrough


It is fair to say that the Passive Profits Breakthrough is not a scam since the amount you pay for comes with several videos as merchandise. While the answer to the question is Passive Profits Breakthrough a scam? is in the negative, I am still contemplating of not recommending it since there are a lot of doubtful claims about the product which are worth taking a closer look and assess that it might not be worth your investment.



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