Is Simple Sites Big Profits A Scam

Is Simple Sites Big Profits A Scam?

Is Simple Sites Big Profits A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Simple Sites Big Profits

OWNER NAME: Marcus Campbell


RATING:  5/10


Many businesses leverage from profiting sales by creating websites and using sales pages to market their products and services. Usually creating websites can take a lot of time and effort to maintain in order to make it work successfully for profits. But here comes Marcus Campbell claiming that creating mini sites with just a few web pages can be profitable. He created the Simple Sites Big Profits course which helps you learn the magic formula on leveraging on small websites for profit. You will probably ask is Simple Sites Big Profits a scam? Read this review to help you understand what this product is all about.


Simple Sites Big Profits Review

Simple Sites Big Profits provides a tutorial on creating small websites, usually consisting of one to five pages only and making it profitable. The product claims that it can help you obtain regular cash flows by using these simple sites only. The video is created by Marcus Campbell who is known to be an online marketer and also a computer salesman and an SEO expert. He claims that mini sites can be as profitable as bigger sites. By signing up for his Simple Sites Big Profits videos you will learn various steps on creating mini sites and finding your own niche best suitable to your interest.


You will learn finding the right niche and searching for keywords with few competitions but is quite popular from the search engine which many people are searching for. You earn profits by placing ads or affiliate links of certain relevant products to your webpage so you will earn a commission each time someone clicks on the link or ads. This works as a pay per click niche which will give you an opportunity to earn from your mini sites. In order to access the Simple Sites Big Profits product you need to subscribe for $297. You can opt for three payments of $127.



By assessing the system that Simple Sites Big Profits introduces there is a potential to earn money from your mini sites. The video tutorials appear to be simple to understand and follow. There is some good information that you can learn from the discussion. The tools are helpful too that will help you find the right keywords and niches for your mini sites. You will learn how to monetize your site as well.



The product does not offer money back guarantee. There is no free trial as well so you need to make sure you are willing to make the investment of $297 before you subscribe which to my opinion is expensive for the course only. Based on the advertisement of Simple Sites Big Profits, there are some hyped statements that obviously will attempt to lure people to sign up for the product immediately, like its claim of setting up your website today and start making money tomorrow. Generating income from pay per click takes time and there is a need for you to build more traffic on your sites. Some companies pay only when someone makes a purchase after clicking on your link or completes an action.


Is Simple Sites Big Profits A Scam


Who is Simple Sites Big Profits For?

The Simple Sites Big Profits is for people looking for an extra income online. It is suitable for anyone regardless whether you are an experienced internet marketer or a newbie. However, it is always best to supplement your knowledge about building organic traffic before using this product.


Simple Sites Big Profits Tools & Training

The product provides tools and training on how to find profitable keywords and setting up pay per click ads on a site. There are basic information you can obtain from its information resources like where to find the best offers, making money with Adsense and writing advertisements for your website. The video tutorial also provide wealth of information regarding creating a website and building your list and traffic.  The tutorials are thorough and will be appreciated by both newbie and experienced online marketers. Simple tools to help you get started quickly are also available. Support is available by email or live chat but feedbacks about not getting a reply are numerous.


Conclusion – Simple Sites Big Profits by Marcus Campbell

The product can be a useful tool to use for internet marketing. There is some substance and value about the information available from Simple Sites Big Profits however the cost of subscription is quite pricey. There is no guarantee that every niche you choose will be more profitable so you need to be careful in choosing a niche that will work profitably for you. The risk you are taking is that there is less chance for small sites to compete against authority or large sites regardless of what Campbell says. He is merely leveraging on how you can optimize income from small sites but in reality smaller sites are always ranked low in the search engines. Is Simple Sites Big Profits a scam? of course it is not, but you have to weigh the costs and benefits from using this product as an investment.


2 thoughts on “Is Simple Sites Big Profits A Scam?”

  1. Nice article.. Thanks for sharing..
    From my experience The Affiliate Marketing Dude.. Marcus Campbell has the worst customer service ever. So please save your money.. just be warned ahead of time.. if you need help he will not be there for you! His promises don’t mean anything!

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