Review on Clickbank Pirate

Product Name: Clickbank Pirate

Owners: David Blaze

Price : Initial $67 and subsequent $37 monthly

Website: cbpirate.com

Rating: 20/100


Have you heard of a program name which is unique? Not many program owners wants to name their product in a unique way unless he or she got a good marketing strategy. Well, before I review this product, I can tell you that when you hear of this program, you will want to check it out. The name is rather unique and interesting enough, the introductory page kind of tells you to join their adventure.

Marketing strategies are rather important if you want to get sales from your product, it can be door to door marketing or in the internet as an internet marketer. An interesting marketing strategy or good niche will make your product sells like hot cakes. So, I guess this program is kind of interesting and the way the owner market and named the product is eye-catching.

But is it worth to join this program? So, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Clickbank Pirate?

Clickbank Pirate is created by David Blaze. This program teaches users on affiliate marketing and to help users to earn a passive income. The program offers lessons under PDF format on strategies and marketing skills to promote Clickbank Pirate. That’s it.

So, basically, you will learn the marketing skills to promote Clickbank Pirate and such as building a website although it is pre-loaded for you and sending traffic to their official website through your affiliate links to sign up for their programs or newsletter feeds.

When you steps into their introductory page, you can see as usual the BS marketing gimmick and lots of contents on getting loads of money from this program. There are no introductory videos and that is a relief. It is all about a product that offers a turnkey site and promoting Clickbank Pirate as your primary objective.


Should you follow Clickbank Pirate?

Good programs teaches you step-by-step marketing strategies and related training tutorials such as video tutorials, step-by-step guide on how to build your online business. It is not by introducing pre-loaded website and thereafter upload and hopefully someone sign up for the program. This is BS for me.


The cost of investment is rather high and moreover, there is a $37 monthly recurring fees. So what does Clickbank offers? Nothing much as follows.

1) Pre-loaded websites – I guess you will not learn much, if Clickbank Pirate offers you pre-loaded websites and usually pre-loaded websites are not well done and very simple looking and this will be a disadvantage for your ranking in search engines sites.

2) Training – You are not going to find video tutorials but a PDF format tutorials. Training by Clickbak Pirate are primarily based on building traffics to their websites and content used by Clickbank Pirates can be very weak which can be a disadvantage on ranking in search engine sites.

3) The use of PLR material contents by Clickbank Pirate which is ineffective to say the least. If say, 5 of the members used the PLR contents, consumers may find that you are a scammer and this may affect your reputation.

4) Lastly, you will be promoting Clickbank Pirate and I guess it will be very difficult to find traffic and it defeat the purpose of you being an internet marketer.


My thoughts is I am not recommending this product due to several reasons. Firstly, you cannot learn anything from the pre-loaded websites by Clickbank Pirate and to be successful in an online business, it takes efforts and dedication. If you are patient and wants to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, I can show you the way. Honestly, I am would recommend you to learn and start from stretch rather wasting your money in joining a program to set up a website to promote their product and you do not learn a thing about internet marketing.

Secondly, you are in the mercy of Clickbank Pirate when you join the program. You will be tied up into promoting the product and using material contents which are being used by other members is not beneficial to your SEO. So, my advice to your guys is to do your research in the internet before joining a program or buy the product. Please also look at the red flags closely, you may not get what you want.

You may want to read through my #1 recommend product to learn more or your may submit your name and email to learn a FREE 5 days email course on affiliate marketing.

Stay safe out there. Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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