Is Infinite Leverage System a scam? – Better leverage on other products.

Product Name: Infinite Leverage System

Owner: Chad Staley, Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers & Mack Zidan

Start up fee: Free 7-day trial, $27 per month + upsells


Rating: 25/100


First and foremost, I got to wonder if you can create an MLM structure without the use of physical products to sell. MLM companies in the market commonly sells proprietary products and usually the top dog will get the most of the meat from his downlines.

The thing about this MLM company I am about to review is they are selling ebooks and training courses to new entrant. I got to wonder if you are not IT savvy, how do you attract your downlines? I can’t imagine that.

Internet marketing has surely evolved fast now, from conventional selling 10 years ago to auto-pilot system now.

So let’s start on our short review.

What is Infinite Leverage System?

Infinite leverage System is a MLM program which offers marketing tools in terms of traffic generation software and provide users with monitoring and tracking of datas to their online business.

This is surely a product to have since the system uses a software suite which is usually auto-pilot. With $27 a month, using this system is a bit on the upside as you can get some programs for less than what Infinite Leverage System is offering. You can go to Google analytics and subscribe and they can do the tracking for you.


So what is the different between Infinite Leverage System and the other programs which cost less? It is sure to be the compensation plan when you have referrals to refer to them.

Can you follow Infinite Leverage System?

The cost of investment is affordable at a start up fee of $27 per month plus. The product also offers a 7 days free trial which is relatively good and you can cancel the subscription if you find it not worth your monthly $27. You can try it to check the infrastructure of the system, they may show you some glimpse of their software to get you excited. So up to you to decide.

Infinite Leverage System is a product by Click Brilliance and some of you might know Click Brilliance is a paid per click traffic system. Both products have their similarities but however, Infinite Leverage System is built towards an MLM structure.

The MLM structure are no different than other MLM companies you see in the market, you have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc with different compensation plans. You may find the compensation structure when you opt for the 7-day free trial.


Just like any other MLM companies, your role as their affiliate is to sell their products and nothing else. You cannot explore and expand your niche and this is a major disadvantage on being an affiliate in a MLM company. No disrespect, the marketing software suite they offer can be easily source in the internet for example Google Analytics which has similar system. The plus points you might gain from Infinite Leverage System are the ebooks, webinars and compensation plans.

So can you follow Infinite Leverage System? ? It is all up to you whether you like the system they are offering. Fortunately, they have a 7 days trial for you to try out. You can try it out but only the 7 days trial ya.


By joining Infinite Leverage System, maybe you can learn a thing or two on traffic generation but I would recommend you to look at other system or other programs which are able to suit your online business. If you have a website ready and wants to monitor your traffic progress, you may want to try Google Analytics.

For campaigning, you can opt for email marketing and a suitable autoresponder like AWeber. There are many tools you can find in the market and cost a fraction on what you are paying. I can show you the suitable products that are available online and will help you to have a better understanding on the products. If you want to know more, you may opt for my 5 day email course by signing up on the right hand side.

If you are new to internet marketing, you might want to try out my #1 recommend product and it is FREE not just a 7 days trial but always FREE. No question. But if you want to upgrade to a premium member, there is a subscription fee at $47 monthly. You will be learning in-depth on internet marketing with video tutorials, webinars, etc.

So what’s next for you? Do you have experience with the Infinite Leverage System or do you have any questions about this product?  If so, feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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