Is Neucopia a scam? Feels like it.

Product Name: Neucopia

Owner: Rich Cook


Membership fee: $49.95 per month / $169.95 per month for premium.

Rating: 25/100


There are a couple of MLM companies in the market promoting training modules and ebooks and luring users to join their programs and promoting their labels to other users. With the internet, marketing and finding products are so easy, it is like a child’s play.

The product I am about to review is quite common whereby a company buying PLR products and charging a sky high per month charges to users. It is not about training programs nor a product that being offered to you, it is about finding you a suitable program or a product that can earn you the income thereafter.

So let’s go into the review.

What does Neucopia provide?

The name is quite unique in a way but I think not many users will know the company unless their company marketing strategies are superb. As a layman, I am not sure what is Neucopia and on the first look, I thought it is some medical terms. Anyways..

Neutopia provies some 34 guides that teaches users to do online marketing. How do they get their 34 guides? If you do your research properly, you will know that their guides or ebooks are PLR contents. You can get most of their guides for Free and can be downloaded in the internet. If you don’t trust me.. go and do a quick search on Google, please. That’s only the $49.95 per month package.

For $169.95 per month package, you will be offered a different compensation package plus some other training guides and some exclusive interviews with the gurus or high level online business associates.


The landing page is quite impressive with professional pictures and trainers interviews. Well, I guess that is why marketing strategies is important in Neutopia. Can you make make money out of this program? Of course you can! Any program will make you some money if you focus on the job but will it be sustainable to you. Is the program worth it when you take the dive? Will the money you make minus your monthly expenses paying for the program make you a decent profit or a deficit. You think it over.

Is it worth the shot to join Neucopia?

Honestly speaking, when you join the program, you are you going to promote. You will need a good base and a whole lot of experience selling the product. You are not doing yourself a favour and you are not likely to sell as you got no niche, frankly speaking.

It is not easy selling products relating to online marketing. I am not going to lie to you but if you are new, you are better off be doing affiliate marketing selling something you like rather than selling online marketing products. Anyway, you might want to take a look at the pros and cons below.


  • Not sure what to input as I got nothing, maybe landing page and video interviews is professionally done.


  • It a pyramid scheme and not legit.
  • You can find the products being offered in the internet for FREE when you pay for 50 bucks per month.
  • Products are PLR contents and outdated.
  • Support is non-existence.
  • You are promoting the product and your focus will be on the product itself.


On the personal level of trust to Neucopia, I don’t think you can have that trust that Neucopia can bring your online business to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, if Neutopia has created a platform for you to on your online business, I am happy for you.

As mentioned, my views that the product offered will not work for users or layman promoting their online training products to their friends and family members. As I have told you that you need to have a good base to promote your product.

My conclusion is that this product to stay away. The products includes guides with PLR contents which can be downloaded for FREE. It is quite a waste of your money per month and doesn’t create any sort of advantage to your online business.

So if you are interested in developing our internet marketing skills and would like to know more, you can sign up for my FREE 5 day affiliate marketing course on the right hand corner. I will help you for FREE instead. You can also read my review on my #1 recommend product to learn more on internet marketing, building a website for your online business.

Feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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