Is Alibaba a Scam?

Is Alibaba a Scam? – A Good Place to Source for Suppliers

Website Name: Alibaba
Owner: Jack Ma
Start up fee: Free
Rating: 95/100

Is Alibaba a Scam?

Looking for dirt cheap China products and then resell it. You at the right place, Jack Ma the owner of Alibaba. Are you still wondering is Alibaba a scam?

Like it or not, the suppliers there are business people. They want their profit so do you, so be very careful when dealing with them. I have done my homework, make a few orders and drop ship to Amazon. A pretty good experience doing business with some of them.


• Free to join as a buyer
• Million of suppliers
• Supplier open for negotiating
• Email platform
• Live chat
• Supplier company information state clearly
• Customer service is outstanding


• Some suppliers are very persuasive
• Some suppliers try to raise shipping cost

You can see that most of the supplier will try to MQ (minimum order quantity) but don’t let this scare you. You can always drop them an email for negotiating for less, but of course the price will be slightly higher if you order less. Just I mention above, you want to make profit same go to them.

The live chat is really a great way to start the conversation with the supplier. It saves a lot of time than sending an email waiting for a reply. You can know within a few minutes that the supplier willing to do business with you. If the quotation they give doesn’t meet your requirement, just move on and find another similar one. Remember, there are millions of them, the products you are looking for got at least thousands.

To make sure you are dealing with the right supplier, take a look at their website. Their company bio will show you if they can be trusted.
Shipping cost depends which company you chose, they will give you a few choices. If you have no hurry to receive the goods, I recommend you to consider chose shipping by sea. This way will save you more.



Is Alibaba a Scam?

Their customer support is really great, they have a live chat customer service to help you out with your problem. There once I have ordered from a supplier, after almost 3 weeks my goods still haven’t arrived. The customer service guides me through on how to submit a complaint against that supplier.

They have a special team to investigate on such cases. This show they treasure customer like you and me


Is Alibaba a scam? It is totally legit. Really appreciate how Jack Ma creates this platform to help B2B business to business. It fit in small business owner to all levels.

For me, I do not leave my real contact number in my Alibaba account. I do not want to be called up in the middle of the night by a supplier, asking if the quote meets my requirement. Remember some are very persuasive.

I recommend you to set up a free Alibaba account and start to search for the products you want to buy and sell.

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