Is Worldwide Brands a Scam?

Is WorldWide Brands a Scam? – Membership Cost a Bomb

Is Worldwide Brands a Scam?

You are probably looking for wholesale or drop shipping for your business. It is rightfully to look for the right wholesale that the products you want. You may stumble upon Worldwide Brands. I asking myself is Worldwide Brands a scam?

It started 1999 to list many company to their website. There are lots of suppliers listed on their website. It creates opportunity for small business owners to start a drop shipping business with them.

As I am also starting a drop shipping business lately on Amazon. I had chosen not to buy from World Wide Brand and also not an affiliate of them. I will go through the reason why in this post.

The main reason I feel  their membership of $299 is really a hype. There’s no reason for me to spend a single before I even to decide to buy from one their listed company. There are rumours around saying that there are quite a number of faked company listed within their site.

$299 doesn’t consider much if you have the extra money to spend. You may want to spend it on anything you like, but for a start up business with little margin, this amount can do many things. $299 itself can get you a good deal of products if do your research properly.


Is Worldwide brand a scam? I don’t think so, but I certainly do not recommend you to pay for the membership without buying a single product. The reason why I don’t think they are scams, because every website needs a way to make revenue. This way they keep the website on going. It may sound nice with no monthly or yearly subscription fee but a one-time payment of $299 is already hype to me.

They do pay high commission to their affiliate up to 25%. Just because the affiliate commission is high, it doesn’t attract me to promote for them.

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Is WorldWide Brands a scam?

There are lots of positive reviews out there telling you how good it is. I seriously have no idea about it and won’t bother to try. I purchase my products from Alibaba, you allow to create a free account and start contacting the supplier and negotiate. This is where your $299 come in handy to spend on the products itself.

What I think Worldwide Brands should do? This is from my point of views, in order to keep their business going. They should charge the suppliers that listed on their website a fraction of sales. Instead of making you pay as a membership.


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What do you think WWB? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks


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