Is Email Processing System a Scam?

Is Email Processing System a Scam? – Clone Spamming Game

Product Name: Email Processing System
Price: $25 one time payment
Website: (not affiliate link)
Rating: 10/100

Is Email Processing System a Scam?

How many emails you receive daily? You receive emails from boss, clients, friends, promotion and those we hate the most spam mails. You almost need a trench to take cover from emails you don’t even wish to see.

Today is slightly different, this product or system is not what I prepare for making a review. I notice it in on a Facebook group where someone post a making online opportunity. I’m curious is he offering good tips or something fishy. Let find out together is Email Processing System a Scam?

It happened like this, I make a comment on the post like the other. I want to know more, this guy reply to every comment with the exact same words “I PM You”. Less than 5 minutes I receive his reply on my Facebook Messenger. Below are some parts of our conversation, I didn’t include the whole conversation.

Is Email Processing System a Scam?

Is Email Processing System a Scam?


First of all he didn’t jump right in to Email Processing System, let call is EPS in short. He gives me a start up tips for making money online with no investment which call Guide Me Income. He explains to me what exactly I have to do. You know what? He is really making me laugh so bad. All I need to do is to write reviews, but fake positive review to make those companies look good. What does his first impression tell you? You be the judge. Let now jump right into EPS

What is Email Processing System?

To make it easy to understand, it is another clone game. I got to say it is obvious not MLM. The system has ready done for your content, image and video for your website. All you do is to post pre-written ads to various social sites and websites. When someone signs up to your website you get $25. The next person will do exactly the same.

How it works? Here are the steps

Is Email Processing System a Scam?

For Whom?

Seriously, if you think you like to use this method to try trick someone online to make $25 per sign up. I think is not going to be easy. It is totally zero value for the end user. These days people are getting smarter and cautious online.


Is Email Process System a scam? I think it is, I’m not recommending you to waste another $25. Use it to for your date or buy something for yourself, as long as don’t spend it on EPS. There’s no value behind such system. There are plenty of such program almost alike.

As you can see I didn’t need to find in-depth of EPS as the user himself have exposed its dark side. He still think it is a good way of making money online. I wish him all the best at what he believes, but certainly keep my followers and friends like you guys safe online.

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What you think EPS? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks


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