Is Humanatic a Scam

Is Humanatic a Scam? -Worth Your Time?

Is Humanatic a Scam



OWNER NAME: Reid Wakefield


RATING:  1/10


There are different means of making money online. With different work from home opportunities you will never run out of options. Considering the options available are different from one another on how much you can earn and how you earn is something you need to consider. Humanatic is one of the companies offering work from home opportunities by letting you review calls and get paid for it. But it is normal for people to be asking is Humanatic a scam? This Humantic review will help you understand this kind of work from home opportunity to help you determine if this is something worth your time.


Humanatic Review


Humanatic is a platform offering freelancers the chance to earn by working from home at their own time and pace. Becoming a member is free and you this will give you access to different calls made by companies of which you will make a review. There is no need for you to take calls. Your main job is to access a call made between a company and its customer, answer some questions and make a review. The review you make will be used by companies on how to improve their customer service and business. The company claims it has over 50,000 call reviewers globally.


Signing up is easy. You need to open a Paypal account which is the main platform used by the company for paying its call reviewers. You will then be taken to a page where you will fill up an application form. It requires your previous employment information. This is necessary to avoid conflict of interests on your employment industry and the industry of the business call you will review. You main task is to review whether the business call observes high standards of customer service or it provides the information needed for the purpose of the call. Most of the calls to be reviewed take about 5 minutes in duration. You will have the option to take as many call review tasks as you want.


How much you can earn from Humanatic?


One of the most intriguing part about Humantic is the earning of its call reviewers. Apparently, it claims that its members can earn about $1 to $4.50 per hour. How much you earn will depend on the level of skills required to review a certain call and the accuracy of the review needed by a company. However, feedbacks from its members claim that what you can actually earn is less than a dollar. Worse some claim they earn $0.02 per call only. Now you can just imagine how much you can actually earn even if you take as many call review as you can in a day.




Application to become a call reviewer for Humanatic is very easy. You need not submit comprehensive resume. All you need is to have a Paypal account and to provide your employment history and your language capability. The opportunity for the job is worldwide which gives wider job opportunity coverage. Working for Humanatics does not impose pressure on your time. Since you are working freelance you have the control when you want to work and for how long.


Is Humanatic a Scam



The most complaints about Humanatics is the earning. With its low pay rate you will probably wonder whether the time you spend for reviewing calls is worth your time. There are also complaints about accounts being banned for no reason at all. Some claim that Humatics will also deduct a certain amount from your earnings in case you commit a mistake. There is also no clear rule on this so the members will have no idea why Humanatics will deduct from their earnings and for how much. Humanatics also have a negative reputation in the internet. This basically evolves on the penalties that are imposed on the earnings of its member and unexplained closure of member account when you request for a payout.


My Final Opinion of Humanatic


Humanatic offers an opportunity to earn from home at your own time and pace. The task involved is very simple as reviewing calls. However, Humanatics does not earn a good reputation from its users and negative feedbacks usually involve the unexplained closure of accounts upon request for a payout and the double penalties incurred by the members without any clear reason. Should you wonder is Humanatics a scam? there is a possibility that it could be. It might operate as a legitimate platform for freelancers to earn by reviewing calls but in the guise of imposing unregulated practices that likely result to non-payment of its members. Humanatics does not provide regular income that you can rely on and you can easily lose your small earnings at any time.  I do not recommend using the site since it could be just wasting your time reviewing calls and earn very minimal along the process with the danger of not being able to withdraw your meager payout.

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