Is Famebit A Scam

Is Famebit A Scam? – Pretty Good Influencer Platform

Is Famebit A Scam



OWNER NAME: David Kierzkowski


RATING:  8/10


One of the greatest challenges of a business is brand promotion. Marketers usually do not have the tools and resources to create good brand marketing strategies in promoting business. However, there are platforms that can help provide solution to this major concern among business marketers. The Famebit offers a self serving advertising platform that provides an opportunity for both brand owner and brand creator to find solutions for their business and stints. Many businesses want to try this platform to promote their brand campaign while brand creators likewise want to offer their services to businesses and help in branding promotions for a fee. But is Famebit a scam? This is quite a heavy question that prevents many from pursuing on trying out the platform.


Famebit Review


This Famebit review will help determine whether it is a legitimate platform to use for both brand owners and creators. Brand owners will post their campaigns and the brand creators can bid for it. Brand creators with the talent and skills in creating YouTube video marketing campaigns and content can join Famebit to have the opportunity to receive bid offers for a particular branding campaign. Its paid sponsorship program will help creators monetize their passion for creating and distributing content. By bidding the creator can search for their preferred campaigns and offer their rates and creative ideas. Getting paid seems easy. The creator has to join the membership and start looking for sponsorship or projects. Once hired by the brand owner they can collaborate and start working on the project on a secure workroom. Once the work is approved the creator is paid.


Brand owners will also have better control on what content will appear on their brand marketing campaigns. They can select brand creator of their choice with wide selections of talents who are marketing their skills on brand marketing. Influencers are also available to help market your brands in the social media and other platforms. By launching their projects using the platform it is easier for them to find the best options in marketing their brands, review content and give suggestions on what they want to see from their campaigns. They have a platform to use on Famebit where they can review and approve contents before going live. Brand owners have the control on how much budget they can afford for their brand marketing campaigns. The main social media platform used for branding promotions is YouTube.


Is Famebit A Scam

Is Famebit Trustworthy?


Upon further research the site itself appears to be legitimate. tags Famebit as safe to use with a high trust rating. The site was rated based on various factors like the ownership, location, reviews, phishing, threats and popularity of the site. The domain name has been around for more than 4 years and with a known registered site owner, David Kierzkowski. However, this information is insufficient to conclude the site is perfectly safe. Famebit appears to be getting positive reviews from social media influencers and creators. Some claimed that they actually earn between $200 and $4,000 from Famebit a month depending on the available projects for them to bid on.




Joining Famebit is free. When you promote a brand you will not lose your right over your social media account. The creator has the leeway of working at his own time with his preferred rate. Brand owners are also free to join the Famebit and to post their own projects for brand creators to bid. They can start posting their projects for as low as $100.




The creator’s media content is subject to the brand owner’s approval. No payment will be released until proper adjustment in the content or the overall presentation is made to suit the brand owner’s preferences. There is also no accuracy in terms of the content and reviews made on a particular brand. The consumers are unlikely to trust reviews made from Favebit 100% knowing that the endorsements made are mainly paid to promote only the good sides of the brand. Influencers in the marketing space are likely to present their credibility as questionable because of this and may affect their followers’ trust. There is also a high rate of competition and one may be inclined to bid lower in order to get the project.


My Final Opinion of Famebit


If you now ask is Famebit a scam? the right answer would be it is not. It does provides a legitimate platform for brand owners to post their projects and find brand influencers and creators to promote their brand in YouTube. The site has been around for quite some time and there have been no negative ratings or feedbacks given about it. Joining is free hence there is nothing to lose in trying out this platform.

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