Is Daily Transcription Careers A Scam

Is Daily Transcription Careers A Scam? – Worth Your Time?

Is Daily Transcription Careers A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Daily Transcription

OWNER NAME: Jason Reeves


RATING:  7/10


Working as an online transcriptionist can offer you a productive incentive to earn. Some consider online transcription as a potential job opportunity that can offer an income stream. You can easily find jobs as a transcriptionist online and many companies like Daily Transcription Careers gives this opportunity. Just how reliable the job they can offer is something to consider and some may even feel skeptic about it and may wonder is Daily Transcription Careers a scam? In this article we will review the program and help you sort this out.


Daily Transcription Careers Review


Daily Transcription was founded by Jason Reeves. It has been around since 2005 and continues to provide transcription careers for many. The company caters various industries from corporate, legal, entertainment and academic sectors. Daily Transcription has over a thousand of contract workers as transcriptionists who are hired on as needed or on call basis. Some of its clients require a quick turn-around time for transcription so there are chances you will have more workloads in one day and just a few in some. However, there are always transcription jobs available that can be assigned to you.


Among the jobs available from Daily Transcription include corporate transcription, transcription for video conferencing, business meetings, executive voice memo, conference calls, dictation, voice mails, handwritten text to type, data entry and insurance and investigative claims. In order to start your Daily Transcription career you need to pass some testing requirements.


What Is Daily Transcription?


Daily Transcription hires transcriptionists to work on the projects posted by its clients. Transcriptionists working for Daily Transcription will earn differently. Companies paying for the services from Daily Transcription pay differently for each transcription task. For instance, a 5 minute long file that is difficult to transcribe will pay more than a 5 minute long file that is easier to transcribe. The job is paid not on an hourly basis but based on the type and difficulty of the transcription work. The contractors are paid on a bi-weekly basis through Paypal.


In order to qualify for a Daily Transcription career you need to apply and pass a test. One needs to fill up an information or application page afterwards you will be taken to the testing page.  You need to complete the transcription work with good accuracy and must be finished within a prescribe time limit. You need to wait for Daily Transcription agent to contact you by email for the results and to formalize your hiring process. As a contractor you will have flexible schedule to work for the jobs. It is worth noting that Daily Transcription will provide you job when you are needed and it does not guarantee regular transcription job.


Is Daily Transcription Careers A Scam



You can work with a flexible schedule as a transcriptionist. You can take work offered to you and you can also opt not to work on certain days. Signing up is also free. All you need is pass the test to qualify. Newbies are welcome to apply with simple requirements only: a computer, typing skills, and a reliable internet.




The jobs available from Daily Transcription are not guaranteed to be regular. You are likely to work on as need basis and you cannot rely on the transcription jobs you get here as a regular income source. Some jobs also have strict deadlines so you need to make sure that you can free your time to focus in completing a particular job with stringent turn-around time for submission. It is necessary that you can complete a transcription with 98% accuracy in order to qualify for approval of your tasks and get a payment.


Who is Daily Transcription For?


Daily Transcription is suited for those who want to earn an extra income but one that will not guarantee a regular job and pay. There are no regular jobs available for the contractors so if you do not mind taking some jobs once in a while and get some extra cash, the jobs from Daily Transcription will be a good job source.


My Final Opinion of Daily Transcription


In addressing the question is Daily Transcription Careers a scam? there is no doubt that it is not. It offers legitimate jobs that pay differently based on the difficulty of the transcription job available. One can consider working for and building a Daily Transcription career from the company but I do not recommend it as a regular income source since the jobs available are on as need basis only. This means there may be some jobs available on some days and none on the others. Daily Transcription has been in the industry for 16 years which gives it a good reputation for being a legit company.



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