Is TranscribeMe A Scam

Is TranscribeMe A Scam? – Worth A Shot

Is TranscribeMe A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: TranscribeMe

OWNER NAME: TranscribeMe, Inc.


RATING:  9/10


Online transcription is a kind of a home based job that can help you earn cash without the need of a special skill or experience. What is usually required is a computer or a laptop with an internet access and typing ability from the worker. This job will require you to transcribe an audio file and get paid for the final work. While it is a simply job to do the main problem usually comes from where you will be able to get an access to this kind of a job. TranscribeMe is one of the sites that offer a transcription job which is worth checking out. Is TranscribeMe a scam? Read this review so you will know whether this is worth a shot.



Based in Berkeley, California, TranscribeMe provides a web based server that will help convert an audio file or content into a highly accurate text. Many companies usually engage in recording their business operations or transactions and need these audio files converted into texts. The TranscribeMe system supports single and multi-speaker content and supports different languages that include Spanish, English, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian and French. They hire transcriptionists which is an income opportunity for many who are looking for a home based job.

How this becomes an income opportunity? The people they hire as transcriptionist are paid for every completed transcribed audio file. As a transcriber the job responsibility requires you to listen to the audio file and then type the content using a word processor. Once you have converted the audio content into text its quality assurance team will check it and once approved you will get paid for it. The career opportunities that TranscribeMe offers do not end from a transcription job. There also career advancement opportunities for their hired workers that offer a much higher paying positions such as becoming a Quality Assurance staff and an editor until you progress to becoming the Lead Quality Assurance staff. They also offer positions for Recruiter, project manager or customer service for full time or part time jobs. As a transcriptionist you will earn $20 per audio file in an hour of work.



One of the best things about TranscribeMe is that it is free to join. All you need is a Paypal account in order to secure the payment for your jobs. It also offers an opportunity to anyone across the globe who knows the English language. That stated TranscribeMe offers a worldwide work from home job opportunity. Joining them is as easy as filling up personal information without educational or experience requirement so this job is also open to newbies. Your only goal is to pass its exam where you will listen to an audio file and transcribe it. The audio files that you will subscribe are also short. Another positive thing about TranscribeMe is that they pay on a weekly basis and the minimum amount that you should earn is $1 per payday to make you eligible to request payment.



One of the greatest difficulties of those who do the transcription job is there are audio files that are hard to decipher which can become stressful to understand. Some are also in YouTube videos that can pose a challenge on your transcription skill. One also needs to type accurately in order to get approval more quickly.


TranscribeMe is for people who are looking for a home based job that pays decently. If you have good typing skills this job is ideal for you. It is easy and free to join and provides software that can assist in making the transcription process easier. Transcriptionists with medical and legal background are paid a higher rate.


Is TranscribeMe A Scam

TRANSCRIBEME Tools & Training


The system of TranscribeMe supports a proprietary combination of the latest speech recognition algorithm which their transcriptionists can access and use for more efficient transcription process. They also provide career enhancement programs to improve the chance of a promotion to a much high paying positions for the company.


TranscribeMe provides support for their transcriptionists by providing apps that support their audio files to make them accessible even on mobile devices. This gives you the chance to work even on your mobile device and become more productive to earn more.

My Final Opinion of TRANSCRIBEME

TranscribeMe is a good work from home opportunity. If you still wonder is TranscribeMe a scam? to my opinion, it is definitely not. It provides a legitimate income opportunity to those who want to earn the extra income while at home. The skills required to do the job is very easy and there are tools or software that can help make the job easier for you. But the best thing about it is it is free to join so you have nothing to lose to try it out.


1 thought on “Is TranscribeMe A Scam? – Worth A Shot”

  1. This article is a total lie. TranscribeMe doesn’t pay anywhere near decently. The pay is peanuts. And as of November 2017, you have to have $20 accumulated in your account in order to withdraw. That takes many many hours to earn. Definitely upwards of 10. This company is a scam.

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