Is Ask Wonder A Scam

Is Ask Wonder A Scam? – Is It Worth The Pay?

Companies like Ask Wonder offer an opportunity for people who want to research information and be able to earn from it. Because businesses usually prefer to have their market analyzed and willing to pay for it Ask Wonder helps them curate all information that can help their businesses perform better by paying people who are willing to do the research and provide businesses an answer to their concerns.

Those who are looking to earn an income at their own time and comfort can consider working as a researcher and analyst of Ask Wonder. Just like any companies offering a money making opportunity, it cannot be avoided to ask is Ask Wonder a scam? This Ask Wonder review will help you assess whether it is a legit company worth working for or is it just another scam that you should avoid.

Ask Wonder Review Summary

Product Name:  Ask Wonder

Owner:  Unknown

Product Type:  Task base mirco work

Price: Free

Target For: Part timers and housewives

Summary: Ask Wonder is a company that has been around since 2015. It is based in New York and while it appears to be just a few years in operation they have good pools of researchers and analysts with bigger companies on board as their clients. Their investors are big companies in their respective industries which give Ask Wonder a good reputation as a reliable and legitimate company to work for. Aside from its organic researchers and analysts, the company extends an opportunity for people to earn money by becoming one of their analysts who will be paid on a per answer basis.

Product Score

Recommended:  Not Really

What is Ask Wonder?

As a researcher and analyst you will be given the assignment of answering tough or complex questions. To answer the questions you are required to make a thorough research.

You need to take an examination before you become on board Ask Wonder. This goes with your application to open an account with Ask Wonder and there are lists of questions that you need to answer.

How you answer these questions will determine whether you are fit to work for Ask Wonder or not. Once you are on board you will have an access to a dashboard where questions that Ask Wonder clients submit are found.

You can pick the ones you find comfortable of answering. You will be paid per search completed. The rate for each question varies depending on the difficulty of the questions asked by their clients. Some are paid at a rate of $6 or $8 and it can reach as high as $15 per question.

The questions usually take 12 to 20 minutes of research. Ask Wonder pays every two weeks and you need a Paypal account to be able to withdraw your earnings. Ask Wonder claims that their researchers can earn up to $2000 a month.

Who is Ask Wonder For?

Ask Wonder is for people who like to do researches and make money from it. If you are the kind of a person who likes to give answers on tough questions then Ask Wonder can give you this kind of a challenge.

Ask Wonder Tools & Training

Ask Wonder does provides customer support to their clients but they lack commitment in providing trainings for their researchers. You work at your own terms and use your own strategy for researching information online.

Ask Wonder Support

Ask Wonder support is accessible from its website where you can send them an email or you can contact them through their social media account where a link to their email is provided.


Ask Wonder is a legitimate company that is paying their researchers and analysts on time (every two weeks). There seems to be no complaints with regards to the paying process of Ask Wonder.

Their system gives you the leeway to select the questions you prefer to answer and this will not give you the pressure of working on a question that you might not be comfortable of answering even with research especially if it is beyond your specialization.


Ask Wonder is without any flaw on how their system works. Common complaints about taking an assignment is the pre-arranged time that you need to work on researching and giving an answer to a question.

With the time ticking with a timer seen on your dashboard, you are definitely time pressured. For some state regulation which is unclear
Ask Wonder do not take applicants located in New York, California and Massachussetts. Its referral program is not enticing since you will not get some money from it.

Instead you will be given the chance to ask a question from Ask Wonder for free. Some questions are also very tough to answer. The biggest downside is the lack of regulation of approving an answer. Some answers are rejected and researcher accounts closed for the reasons that the answer is just not good enough.

My Final Opinion of Ask Wonder

Is Ask Wonder a scam? The obvious answer is no. It is a legitimate company that offers researchers and analysts an opportunity to earn. However, because of the lack of regulation in terms of approving the work done by their researchers there is a risk of not being paid for your efforts. There is no assurance that every work you have done for them will be approved.

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