Human Proof Design Review

Is Human Proof Designs a scam? Is it a real deal?

Product Name:  Human Proof Design 

Owners: Dom Wells and Bryon Brewer

Product Type:  Affiliate Sites, Training, Website Services and Membership 


  • Affiliate Site (Ready Made Niche Sites to Authority Sites from $1,298 onwards)
  • Website Services (Dropship Sites or Local Lead Generation Site, Content Creation, Keyword Packs and Training)
  • Training (Human Proof Method from $399 per year, Keywords and Content Method at $129, Amazon Affiliate Course or Link Building Video Course at $7 respectively
  • Human Proof Method Membership at $7 for a 14 day trial, $47/monthly or $399 per year equivalent to $33/monthly    

Target For: Affiliate Marketeers from Beginners to Advance level, Entrepreneurs, Start-up Businesses 

Website: (Affiliate Link)

Rating: 4.8/5

I have been following Dom Wells since I started my affiliate marketing plan. However, Dom Wells has passed the baton to another entrepreneur, Bryon Brewer. Dom Wells is now the Co-Founder and CEO of Human Proof Designs. 

About Bryon Brewer

Bryon Brewer is a senior technology manager, entrepreneur, developer, and consultant with over 15 years of progressive technology experience. Bryon is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), ITIL Certified, Six Sigma Green Belt.

Bryon also specializes in helping companies improve their software development processes and coaching entrepreneurs on starting and growing business. 

Review: Is it worth your investment on Human Proof Designs?

Is it worth it if you invest on Human Proof Designs? Or is it a scam which most of us think?

To be honest, if you are starting off in internet marketing, you will need to rely on some resources to build your niche website and I hope that my review will make you decide whether HPB is a good investment for you.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Human Proof Designs?

It is a service rendered by Dom Wells and Bryon Brewer and his team to build niche websites for businesses or aspiring internet marketers like you and me.

Basically, if you are just starting off and would like to jump start your online business with a bang and unsure of what to do next, you can consider Human Proof Designs (HPB). Both Dom Wells, Bryon Brewer and his team have created readymade niche websites  for those who are starting out and are unfamiliar with the technicalities of website building, traffic generation and most importantly, SEO.

HPB also offers custom-built websites if you need something different or to add more plugins on their platform. Aside from the custom-build websites, HPB also provide content creation, keywords packs and training. 

Creating a high quality content is important in building a website and thus, HPB offers this service at an affordable rate. I have tried the one-off $399 package for 8,000 words and got 4 articles which is SEO friendly and of high quality. 

Other services that HPB provides are SEO, Keyword packs, Training and membership. 

Ready Made Niche Sites

The thing about HPBs is it delivers what you really want. You will be getting a premium WordPress theme which can cost you at a range of $30 to $100 from other companies which provide this services. However, if you are just starting out, you may need ideas upon ideas to make your website a good looking one.

Building a website takes a lot of fine tuning and HPB will do the work for you from getting a professional looking website with a high quality content. 

The HPB team will gather your ideas and do the keyword research, setup a premium theme for your website and create a high quality content into your customn made niche website.

So, is it worth your investment? 

I can show you the breakdown for building a website from getting a domain ($10-$20 per year) to premium theme ($30-$100), adding Plugins ($50-$100), copywriting services for your content ($130 to $150 per article), keyword research for your website and others. 

It may cost you but in HPB, I can assure you that you will get your money worth without the hassle going through many obstacles such as hours of research and fine tuning.

Human Proof Designs also provides services on Dropship Sites & Local Lead Generation Sites for those who are into Ecommerce. 

Content Creation, Articles Pack, Ebook and Story Board Videos

Creating a content is usually tough even if you are an experience marketer. You need ideas that can appeal to your readers or buyers and creating written or visual content that have information accessable to your audience sounds complicating. 

One of the common ways to entice your audience is by blogging and vloging. Although blogging is the simpliest way to do, you will need some expertise such as keywords to bring in traffic to your website so that your audience can read your blog. 

Vloging can be another good way to create content but you need a good video marketing and without it, it is just an empty shell. There are many ways to create vloging, be it doing it by yourself or creating an animation, basically you need to appeal to your audience to either buy your products. 

Human Proof Designs do provide content creation as follows.

  • Monthly Article Subscription
  • Article Packs
  • Ebook
  • Story Board Videos

What you get from Monthly Article Subscription?

You will get quality, unique and original content. 

On Google, your content will not be average, rehashed content that will be weed out but will be recognized as a good content.

While most internet marketers have tried out the $5 articles from VA sites, most of the contentsd end up being very basic and mediocre. I have tried a dozen articles by VAs and it is dissapointing. You will need editing and usually a lot of it to be honest.

Human Proof Designs has built over a thousand niche sites and their in-house writers have written thousands of articles. They know what works, what doesn’t and we’re constantly making improvements. 

The articles have a history of ranking and getting conversions. It won’t be the best ones but the articles fulfill a need that most Niche/Affiliate sites are looking for.

For monthly subcription, you can choose 3 options for 2,000 words or 4,000 words or 8,000 words per month. 

Each article will consist of 1,000 words including keywords and product research, stock feature image and editing. 

**Note: If you are creating a post on a site with a Page Builder, Human Proof Designs will not be able to upload the content as their monthly subcription plan do not offer uploading to page builders, only the basic WordPress editor will be used.

However, there will be charges if you need the content arranged with your page builder of choice.

What you get from Article Packs?

You can pay a writer on VA sites such as Upworks, etc for $20 per articles and you might get a useless article with minimal keywords and not SEO friendly.  

While you can find some good writers with good ratings, the charges are above $80 per articles. It usually takes a couple of days because of the process such as selecting your writers, interviewing them on Skype 

Even after your selection, you will need to do editing and this is a pain as you need your post to be up and create attention to your audience OR you are going to find writers who have many clients and it takes ages to get anything written by them..

You are spending your limited time aside to your full-time job, looking for good writers and building up a reliable contacts, you might as well write the content yourself.

The only option of finding more professional writers, with better quality and a faster turn around. These writers also tend to understand SEO and knowledge of keyword research.

Aside that they produce great content and make your site look amazing, the problem to hire this type of writers is the price.

Human Proof Designs provides quality contents with a team of professional writers at your service.  

The article packs comprises of 8,000, 16,000, 20,000 words content at statndard package of $399, $729 and $849 respectively. 

Premium package will be at$598, $1,098 and $1,298 for 8,000, 16,000 and 20,000 words content respectively. 

You can get up to 8 articles for the 8,000 words content. So it will be around $50 for 1 article which is affordable without the hassle of finding a good writer. 

What you get from eBook?

One of the ways that create trust within your audience is eBooks. This is a powerfull tool and lead magnets.

Once the eBook is created, you can give away the eBook to as many audience and would capture email addresses and grow your email list. 

An eBook helps you achieve your objectives to attract the right kind of people and position those audience to eventually make a purchase of your product.

Human Proof Designs eBooks are written about a topic related to your niche that will help your readers, provide value, and build trust.

The topics that HUman Proof Designs chooses address solving common problems within the niche or choose a topic that is interesting to your visitors so that it’s something they want to actually read.

The team will also link articles from your site inside the eBook so that when people read it, they end back up on your site reading more informational articles and eventually get the conversion. 

You will get a 3,000 words niche specific eBook with original, high quality content and 8 relevent professional stock photos.

**Note: The expected turn around time will be at most 14 days.  

What you get from Story Boards Videos?

Videos are an important tool to entice your audience. 

The Human Proof Designs team takes your article and turns the exact words into a video that includes professional images and video clips, audio background track.

It will consist of approx. 2 minutes video length with high-quality 1080p resolution and branded with your logo at the end of the video. A guided text with important keywords highlighted and you will receved a video file delivered in mp4 format.

The video will be based on your blog post that you’d like to create the content around which can be published or unpublished.

**Note: It will take about a week to complete the video(s).

Other Services (SEO, Keyword Packs and Training)


Human Proof Designs provides a Done-For-You fully customized SEO Package, where they tailor an SEO strategy to suit your site.

The team don’t turn corners rather will take the time to get to know your site and your goals.

Thereafter, the team will create a plan to fit your needs. There are 3 levels to choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold.

For Bronze plan, Human Proof Designs offer Speed Optimization and White Hat Backlinks. Whereby in the Silver and Gold packages, they customized SEO approach on top of the Speed Optimization and WHite Hat Backlinks that will maximize your your budget.

Some of the things your SEO Package will include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content suggestions
    Index audit and cleanup
  • On-page Optimizations
  • Site speed
  • Content
  • Recommendations
  • Off-page Optimizations
  • Manual, white hat outreach to gain powerful backlinks
    Social Signals

SEO for Beginners

If you have limited knowledge on SEO and unable to fully optimize your website’s potential, then you will need help. Do not end up spending a lot of money on the wrong thing that can actually hurt your SEO progress.

SEO for the Experienced and Seasoned Marketers.

For seasoned and experience marketers who understand SEO, keeping track of performance month by month will get easier. Human Proof Designs can help you to make your websites that can impact your competitors in a good way. 

The packages are on a monthly basis of $549/month, $899/month and $1,499 per month for Bronze, SIlver and Gold package respectively.

Keyword Packs

One of the diffulties for most of us when we first step foot on internet marketing is is picking a niche. Even seasoned players makes mistakes about picking a niche and that is why we need to have professionals to look into this for your website to grow and progress. 

For some of us that are building a site on their own, you may want Human Proof Designs to help you to pick your niches. The Keyword Pack offers hands-on, learn-by-doing internet marketers.

The Standard Keyword Packs are limited to 10 purchases in total. This means 9 others could purchase the same pack as you. Human Proof Designs Custom Keyword Packs are made exclusively for you in a niche of your choice.

What’s Included with a Keyword Pack?

Ahrefs Keyword List

  • Usually 200-1,000 keywords, depending on the size of the niche. Ahrefs would normally cost you at minimum $99 per month.

Top 100 Best Selling Amazon Products

  • Top 100 best selling Amazon products in the keyword pack niche. This data would usually cost you $197 with Amasuite (or hours of manual research).

Hand-Picked Keywords

  • We hand-pick the keywords we think are best for starting a site with. These are a mix of buyer-intent keywords and information keywords.

Competitor Research

  • We also use Ahrefs to research the keyword reports for 3-5 competitor sites in the niche. An Ahrefs subscription would cost you $99 per month minimum.

For just $69 or $99, Human Proof Designs offers you over $200 worth of data and saving you hours of research time.

Training and Human Proof Method Membership

The Human Proof Method Membership will be a useful tool to succeeding with your niche site. It includes monthly trainings with industry leading experts, group coaching, accountability from other online entrepreneurs, access to our step-by-step proven system to success, and everything Human Proof Design has to offer.

1. Monthly Training

Each month Human Proof Designs brings you at least one LIVE training. 

Also, you will get access to the archives so you can watch previous Monthly Trainings. You will be able to ask questions and learn from the industry’s most successful online entrepreneurs. 

2. Proven System to Success

In addition to Monthly Trainings, Human Proof Designs will provide you access to the entire Step-by-Step method of exactly how they grow their sites to be profitable.

This includes 16 modules and over 30 hours of video training.

3. Coaching

With the Human Proof Method Membership, you will have access to the HPD Leadership team and have the opportunity to ask questions on your specific problems during the live trainings or get coaching in our Private Facebook Group.

4. Community

The Private Facebook group, the community is filled with HPD site customers and Human Proof Method Members that can be helpful for you when you are stuck with a question.

Keyword & Content Method

Human Proof Design detailed plan to turn content into Organic Traffic by ranking for keywords that will help you sell more.

  • Choosing the right keywords and producing quality content.
  • Content will get visitors to your site, keep them coming back and convert visitors to buyers.

The difference between the best affiliates and their competitors is content.

Human Proof Designs will show you a step-by-step Keyword & Content Method video course on how to grow your website into a free, organic traffic and their content to make sale.

The content strategy includes creating content that is easy to read, engaging, and focuses on benefits and not just features. You will learn how to relate to your readers, while also becoming a known source of knowledge in your niche.

The cost is $129 on 4 Core Modules, 25 Video Lessons, Course Supplements, Future Module Updates, Private Facebook Group Invitation and Lifetime Access.

Amazon Affiliate Course

If you are interested in building your first Amazon Affiliate site, then this course is for you.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of creating their first Amazon affiliate site. However, it is not too complicated, technical or time consuming.

You learn the simple techniques for picking the right niches, building sites the right way and gain an edge over your competition at $7.

Link Building Course

The amount of information can be overwhelming with all the different ways to get links to your site. 

For each niche marketer has a different strategy and opinion on how things should be done.

Human Proof Designs have sorted through all the information and combined it with our own proven strategy to bring you this video course.

This course will walk you through each step of basic link building, outsourcing, and PBN building at $7.

Should you purchase Human Proof Designs?

Dom Wells, Bryon Brewer and his team are committed to give you a good website. Is it going to be profitable for you?

I can assure you that Human Proof Designs will give you a presentable website for you to start with. It will be profitable website once you put your efforts on some ideas and fine tuning. The foundation are done by Human Proof Designs and the rest is up to you to make it happen.

My Thoughts

Building a website is important for you as an internet marketer. You will need to be seriously working on your website for at least 6 months before you can see profits. It can be faster or slower depending on how much work you put it into your website.

There are many marketing strategies you will have to consider but if you have the foundation, your website, 50% of your work are done. You can concentrate on your marketing strategies to make your website into a profitable one.

So there are a bit of an investment when you want to start off with Human Proof Designs. It is not that easy to start off and you will need to invest to build a website and a lot of fine tuning. Let HPB build your website and you will have time to do other important task for your online business.

You may also want to look into the comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Human Proof Designs below.

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