Wealth Affiliate Vs Human Proof Designs

Wealth Affiliate Vs Human Proof Designs

Wealthy Affiliate has been long enough in the affiliate marketing course industry. They are the pioneer of membership course. It seems they have dominate for this industry for a long time.

There are many courses you can find on the internet, but none come close. Here come a pretty good competitor and also once a former Wealthy Affiliate member Dom Wells the Founder and CEO of Human Proof Design.

HPD started their business as selling affiliate niche website and then move on to more services like dropshipping sites, local leads generation, monthly articles, keywords pack and now includes online training.      

Now let’s begin the showdown of Wealth Affiliate Vs Human Proof Designs


Wealth Affiliate Vs Human Proof Designs

Wealthy Affiliate is sole membership website teaches affiliate marketing and all activities is within it’s membership area.

As for Human Proof Designs as 4 different training programs which you need to consider which to purchase. Human Proof Method, Amazon Affiliate Course, Link Building, Keyword and Content Method.

Out of the four training, the most comprehensive one is Human Proof Method. Which you get to learn rest of the courses if you chose to purchase.


Wealthy Affiliate

$ 49 Monthly
  • Free 7 Days Starter
  • $19 Upgrade within 7 days
  • $495 Yearly

Human Proof Method

$ 47 Monthly
  • $7 for 14 days trial
  • $399 Yearly
  • $299 Instant sign up for yearly

Wealthy Affiliate always remain a risk free as you can sign up as a starter for free without any payment information needed. Within the free trial for the next 7 days, but the premium increase a lot.

Human Proof Method in the other hand doesn’t offer any free sign up but for the first 14 days trial cost just $7 shouldn’t be a pinch to anyone these days. It’s cost just 50 cents per day.

Affiliate Marketing Course

Wealthy Affiliate

Online Entrepreneur

  1. Getting Started 
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website 
  3. Making Money
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation 

Affiliate Bootcamp

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords and Conversion
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
  5. Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals  
  6. Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
  7. How to Scale PPC Campaigns 

Human Proof Method

All Courses

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Understand Affiliate Marketing
  3. Niche Selection
  4. Keywords – Basic
  5. Keywords – Advance 
  6. Setting Up Your Website
  7. Creating Affiliate Content
  8. OnPage SEO
  9. OffPage SEO
  10. Advnace Backlinks
  11. Outsourcing 
  12. Email Marketing 
  13. Paid Traffic
  14. Growing Your Site
  15. Amazon Associate Training (Bonus)
  16. Clickbank Training (Bonus)
  17. Pintrest Training (Bonus)

Anyone can show you how affiliate marketing works, but teaching and guide you to success is another story.

WA some how didn’t update their courses for a long time. The training module uses outdated version and can see the WordPress dashboard on the training video is the old version.

HPD however, has an upper hand, their training is much more advance and up to date. The version of WordPress is the latest version.

Training material

WA uses reading and video lesson. Every lesson you need to complete task given to you. So that you don’t just read and watch, but no action taken.

HPD so far only video lesson and suggest that you write down your own notes.  

Member Activities Area

Interacting among the members and helping one another is a very important aspect in this industry. WA create live chat, private question and, personal profile, blog which like a social media platform. 

HPD doesn’t have such platform within their website. They use Facebook group for their paid members which currently having 959 members.

Compare to WA members which have over millions of members around the world but that are just numbers. Most are just sign up to check out what the free membership got to offer.

Free Website

WA use to give out 2 free websites to starter membership, but now only 1. This so call free website is just a dummy site. The website URL will look something like this wealthyaffiliatesample.siterubix.com

You can’t change the theme or add any other plugin unless you upgrade. In another word it is useless, the purpose for offering this free website so you can follow along the training.

HPD will guide you to buy domain and hosting for your affiliate niche website. You can’t build a successful online business using free domain.

Eventually, if you intend to upgrade WA membership, you will ask to convert your free domain to a paid domain.

Website builder, Domain and Hosting

WordPress is the most preferred platform for building website. WA have a WordPress website builder with their membership area.

Kyle says that you can build a website in 30 seconds. I use to be like WOW, that is amazing. What’s he doing is just installing a domain into their hosting server. You are not getting a complete functional and profitable website yet. There still lots of do be done.

Yes, it makes the process easier for beginner to avoid the technical aspect of how to install WordPress using hosting outside.

WA allow you to use your premium membership to get a free domain and use their hosting. WA will provide you 10 domains and 10 free domain space in their hosting.  

HPD does not have all these. They will teach to buy a domain and get hosting. Follow by setting up your website which is not so complicated to do. Once you get to hand on and follow along, you will find it as easy as using your smartphone to download apps and games.

Live Webinar

WA giving high quality live webinar once every week by their Coach Jay. The training also covers subjects outside affiliate marketing. You get to learn video creation, social media marketing and local SEO.

For example Local SEO which teaches you how to build a website for your local business and rank them highly on search engines.

This training itself can make me thousands of dollars if you are able to get local clients. But please remember that there are many established marketing agency out there. So it is a good knowledge but competitive game.

HPD has monthly live webinar training with successful people in this industry..

Private Coaching

This is a very grey zone to me, when program say private coaching provided sound to bold to me. I try to sending private message to Kyle or Carson. You are lucky to get a respond with a few days. It make take a week or even longer.

As for HPD, I can’t see any way with the training area able to drop a message. Perhaps can give it a try within the paid member Facebook group.

So don’t expect too much on private coaching. Just think there are so many other members asking question to the coach. Who should he attend to?

Focus on the training and apply what you learn is more effective for time being.


The only upsells in WA is their keyword tool Jaaxy. You are given the basic keyword access, if you want to  premium access you need to pay for it. But is not compulsory.

HPD have been selling website as their main business. They offer discounts if you consider buying their website and services. 


As you can see what both of them got to offer so far. This is not a game on who, having more feature and members. Is more about adding value and up to date training.

If you really the one who like to pursue affiliate marketing base on passion or hobby. HPD is the one that can offer a better place. You get to learn how to progress and profit eventually with the niche you chosen.

WA didn’t update their previous training, but create a more comprehensive course on their Affiliate Bootcamp to train you to promote them. Which I personally doesn’t encourage beginner to jump on it.

End of the day the choice is yours. I already tested both of them so you do not have to. Both have their Pro and Con. 

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