Is Human Proof Designs a scam? Is it a real deal?

Human Proof Design Review

Owners: Dom Wells

Website: humanproofdesigns.com (Affiliate Link)

Rating: 90/100


I have been following Dom Wells since I started my first affiliate marketing plan. He has been in this line for awhile and well, he came out with a new product which I am going to review.

So is it worth it if you invest on Human Proof Designs? or is it a scam which most of us think?

To be honest, if you are starting off in internet marketing, you will need to rely on some resources to build your niche website and I hope that my review will make you decide whether HPB is a good investment for you.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.


What is Human Proof Designs?

It is a service rendered by Dom Wells and his team to build niche websites for businesses or aspiring internet marketers like you and me.

Basically, if you are just starting off and would like to jump start your online business with a bang and unsure of what to do next, you can consider Human Proof Designs (HPB). Dom Wells and his team have created readymade niche websites  for those who are starting out and are unfamiliar with the technicalities of website building, traffic generation and most importantly, SEO.

HPB also offers custom-built websites if you need something different or to add more plugins on their platform.


The thing about HPBs is it delivers what you really want. You will be getting a premium WordPress theme which can cost you at a range of $30 to $100 from other companies which provide this services. However, if you are just starting out, you may need ideas upon ideas to make your website a good looking one.

Another thing to note that you will need to create a high quality content to start with. Building a website takes a lot of fine tuning and HPB will do the work for you from getting a professional looking website with a high quality content. You just need to tell Dom and his team on your niche and ideas and they will do the keyword research, setup a premium theme for your website and create a high quality content.

So, is it worth your investment? I can show you the breakdown for building a website from getting a domain ($10-$20 per year) to premium theme ($30-$100), adding Plugins ($50-$100), copywriting services for your content ($130 to $150 per article), keyword research for your website and others. It may cost you but in HPB, I can assure you that you will get your money worth without the hassle going through many obstacles such as hours of research and fine tuning.


Should you purchase Human Proof Designs?

Dom Wells and his team are committed to give you a good website. Is it going to be profitable for you? I can assure you that HPB will give you a presentable website for you to start with. It will be profitable website once you put your efforts on some ideas and fine tuning. The foundation are done by HPB and the rest is up to you to make it happen.


Dom Wells has the expertise to do this and you can trust me. As mentioned, I have known Dom Wells since I started on internet marketing and he is a guy that delivers.


Building a website is important for you as an internet marketer. You will need to be seriously working on your website for at least 6 months before you can see profits. It can be faster or slower depending on how much work you put it into your website.

There are many marketing strategies you will have to consider but if you have the foundation, your website, 50% of your work are done. You can concentrate on your marketing strategies to make your website into a profitable one.

So there are a bit of an investment when you want to start off with Human Proof Designs. It is not that easy to start off and you will need to invest to build a website and a lot of fine tuning. Let HPB build your website and you will have time to do other important task for your online business.

Is Human Proof Designs a scam?


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