ShareCash Review - Is it Worth Your Time?

ShareCash Review

Welcome to our ShareCash review. The website has been around for quite sometime. It has a bold claim that you can earn $500 daily for doing very simple things.

Is it worth your time? Let’s find out.

ShareCash Review Review Summary

Product Name:  ShareCash

Owner:  Unknown 

Product Type:  Referral and task base

Price: Free

Target For: None

Summary: ShareCash claim that their website is for influencers networking. They come out with various ways for their members to make money.

Product Score

Recommended:  No

What is ShareCash?

ShareCash claim that their website is for influencers networking. They come out with various ways for their members to make money.

Actually ShareCash is very similar with other shady scam sites. Examples like CloutShare, FineCash, NiceCash and many more.

To register all these types of sites are free. Which make many people curious to try it as they think there are no risk. To create an account on ShareCash is very easy and is free, just enter your name and email. This look like no harm, but your details could be used for other purposes which no one knows.

According to ShareCash you can make money with them by recommending referral, task wall, Facebook and YouTube video submission. We will go through one by one.  

How Does ShareCash Work?

Once you register your account, you receive $25 to your account. Wow! That is so easy to make money online! But don’t ever dream you are going to cash it out. There are terms and condition which are confusing and the minimum cash out threshold is $500.

Time to get to work to reach your $500 goal.

Getting Referral

This is the most common way to make money online. It is very similar to affiliate marketing. You share your referral links on your blog or social media post.

Their referral commission is $2 per clicks and $10 per referral sign up. This commission is pretty high payout which we find it ridiculous, there are no merchant referral program willing to offer such money for just signing up. Losing money for just for fun? So don’t me too happy if you can tons of referral.

Task Wall

ShareCash Review

Here another high reward task that can earn you $30 as they claim. You just need to download app or complete surveys. Each of this simple task earn you $30 easily. Really?

These surveys need your personal details and once again you are exposing yourself to unwanted attention.  You will receive email and phone call from people you don’t know that trying to sell you something.

Think about it which business willing to give you $30 just to do some simple survey.  

Facebook and YouTube Video Submission

You are told to create testimonial videos and post in on your Facebook and YouTube account. You will earn $50 for the video and any referral clicks through using your video links, you earn extra referral commission.  

It is like you put your whole face on Facebook and YouTube to tell the world you are making money easily with ShareCash. That makes you part of a scam while the real person behind ShareCash remain unknown.

Can You Really Make Money With ShareCash?

Reality is cruel and making money is not easy of course. With the threshold of $500 cash out limit, you will be spending your time to do what they ask for.

You will start spamming your referral links all over social media platform. On their website images of payment proof at once glance call tell is fake.

The video testimonial on their site, cold be an average Joe that thought making their $50 for uploading it. Some could be paid Fiverr gigs to follow their script to speak whatever they told.

So another words, we think that you won’t make any money with ShareCash.

Is Share a Scam?

In our opinion, ShareCash is a scam. In order to keep business moving, there must be a profit. As you can see where did the money flow?

In order to pay the referral commission, the website itself need to make money. They are giving free money every time a referral sign up, but nothing is committed after that. They are hoping people sign up to do the task for free and sell their information to third parties for profit instead.

You can also see the image screenshot and testimonial is fake just for gimmick purposes.

Stay away from ShareCash and keep yourself safe at all times.

Scam Vigilante

Scam Vigilante

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  • None


  • Fake payment proof and testimonial
  • Too good to be true
  • Time consuming

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