Is Rat Race Rebellion A Scam



Is Rat Race Rebellion A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Rat Race Rebellion

OWNER NAME: Christine Durst and Michael Haaren


RATING:  9/10


The population of people working from home is growing fast and the opportunities of earning an income whether full time or part time is likewise growing. It helps to know that there is one site where you can find different work from home jobs that can help save you the time in searching for the right fit.

This is the Rat Race Rebellion which has gained popularity among working moms and freelancers. Is Rat Race Rebellion a scam? might be something that cross your mind and here’s the good news. This Rat race Rebellion review will give you positive insights about this website that can give an amazing opportunity of finding your dream job.

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Rat Race Rebellion Review

Rat Race Rebellion has been around helping people find a job since 1999. Its platform is particularly focused on providing good resources for work from home jobs. Working in a virtual environment is one of the best ways of strapping off commuting expenses and time as well as the need to work for straight hours.

By working from home you can be your own boss or work at your own time and pace. Created by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren the program has been known to help many people find the right kind of a job that will allow them to work at the comfort of their homes.


What is Rat Race Rebellion?


The platform provides a large database of opportunities to work at home in three categories:


  1. Work From Home Job Listing


Rat Race Rebellion features wide range of job opportunities with a long list of organizations looking for people willing to work from home. You can find jobs that are not solely dedicated for part timers but also for those looking for a full time position. Thus it is also the right place to find work that offers job security. The site features about more than 418 websites and are updated regularly so you will never run out of options.


  1. Daily Job Updates


If you are looking for fresh gigs Rat Race Rebellion makes it easier for you to find your dream job as it updates the new job listing every day except Sundays. The jobs posted on the site go through rigid scrutiny and are not connected to affiliate sites or offer get rich quick scheme. You will find it convenient to screen the job listing as details like the job description with links are provided for easy reference. There are over 150,000 jobs posted on the site.


  1. Jobs Dedicated for Customer Service


Rat Race Rebellion dedicated a section for people in the field of call center and customer service. You can find about 80 companies offering varieties of work from home jobs within this industry.


Rat Race Rebellion gained more popularity and credibility for being a legitimate platform in finding work from home jobs and has been featured in different media channels like BBC, ABC News, FoxNews and Good Morning America.




Rat Race Rebellion has helped many people especially those with disabilities and unable to travel find a good paying job. You can save from transportation expenses by working on the legitimate jobs featured here. You can find wide range of jobs that you can work for either part time or full time.

The featured jobs on the site gives you the chance to find the one that can give you job security even while working at the comfort of your home. The job posting are not hyped. You can also sign up to get updates in your email about jobs you are eyeing for.


Is Rat Race Rebellion A Scam



The work from home jobs available in Rat Race Rebellion is only for US residents. This limited availability can be disappointing to many. Not all websites cited on the platform will have guaranteed jobs available so it is your responsibility to visit these prospective sites regularly.



My Final Opinion of Rat Race Rebellion


Is Rat Race Rebellion a scam? Definitely not. This is not the typical scam site offering hyped work from home jobs. Rather it is a platform dedicated in providing legit work from home jobs and company listings to find reliable jobs either as part time or full time worker.  The site has gained good reputation and comes highly recommended even by reputable media channels.

The downside is the job listings are only limited for US residents only. By using their service you can save significant time finding a genuine work from home opportunity since all job posts are already scrutinized by Rat Race Rebellion. Since the job posts are also refreshed every day you can be assured that you get the latest jobs available from various industries.


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