Is Get Cash For Surveys a scam?

Is Get Cash For Surveys a Scam? – Cashless Surveys

Product Name: Get Cash For Survey
Website: (not affiliate link)
Price: $74
Owner: Gary Mitchell
Overall Rank: 0/100

Is Get Cash For Surveys a scam?


One of the common way of making money online that I heard is online survey. Companies listed this as a feedback to improve their products and services. Is it true they really pay out hard cold cash to those who do their survey.

This guy Gary Mitchell claim he is making money online simply by doing online surveys. He makes quite a comfortable monthly income of $3000. He creates his product and sell it on Clickbank. I wonder his method works.

Let’s find Is Get Cash for Surveys a scam? Just to let you know, I’m not an affiliate of this product and if by doing surveys online can make $3000 monthly, I believe everyone is doing now.

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What Is Get Cash For Surveys?

When you landed on the sales page, you find ridiculous of earning screen shot and how easy each survey looks like. It is a membership site, full of survey site that you need to apply by yourself one by one. It is not the same as there are ready survey ready for you to take.

Before you even get started, there is a gimmick of telling you a bonus waiting for you to claim. It is a done for your website about making money opportunity, Which cost 4 figures, this is obviously another upsell of other people product that Gary want to sell it to you.

Any comparison of Pro and Con in this product? Seriously, there is not a single Pro I can find. As for Con keep reading this review.

Get Cash For Surveys Review

Is There Really Legit Survey?

I can say yes, there is. But not as what you are going to expect. It is a small token of gift or voucher in exchange of your time for filling up your particulars. Once the company have your particulars, be ready to get more promotion coming to your email inbox.

I try to sign up a few of the companies in Get Cash For Surveys to test it out. Some didn’t even exist and some ask you to come back next time.

I manage to get one which I serious forget the company name. Which pay you less than $2 for 15 minutes of the survey. I fill up every single question, but after a few pages. The site tells me, I have violated the rules and have given false information. Ok, that’s it, I have enough of this BS thingy. It’s really not worth my time.


Is Get Cash For Surveys a scam? In my own opinion, it is. You shouldn’t be wasting your time for these surveys. There won’t be any hard cash waiting for you collect. I wonder how Gary can make $3000 monthly by just doing this.

I strongly not recommend anyone to waste time and money on this product. Make your time useful by learning how to start an online business from scratch. Read my #1 Recommend Product.

Have you tried Get Cash For Survey? Feel to drop your comment below. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Is Get Cash For Surveys a Scam? – Cashless Surveys”

  1. You are degrading other websites and promoting your own product. what a LOAD of BULLCRAP. are you getting paid to do this kind of SHIT?? get your head out of your fucking ass. TURD BRAIN!

    1. Hi Key, I’m out of town. Sorry for the late reply. I recommend the product I feel is good. It up to my visitor want to try it or not. As I mention in my own view of these website didn’t seem safe to my visitor. I can be promoting everything and say all is good just to make money out of it. Which I do not do that. I wish I can sleep in peace. For your info, I did’t get any paid for doing this.

      As for your attitude towards other can clearly see it through your comment.

  2. I’m pretty sure my previous comment would be rejected because i know i hurt your sick fucking ass. but calm your tits because i am stating the facts and reasons why you need to shut the fuck up. have a nice day sucker!

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