7 day cash money

Is 7 Day Cash Money a scam? You will be giving away your cash instead.

Review on 7 Day Cash Money

Product Name: 7 Day Cash Money

Owner: Jean

Price: Package 1 – 1 to 7 days trial – $2.95, Package 2 – $185 and upsells.

Website: 7daycashmoney.com

Rating: 5/100

7 day cash money

Strategies, strategies, strategies. What type of strategies must you apply to make your online business a successful one? I can bet that it can be frustrating for you as a marketer to get the result you foresee but you couldn’t achieve it. It seems so close but not close enough.

Well, you are not alone. The competitions are tough now and it is not easy anymore to “fire your own boss”. However, you can still get the slice of pie if you have that one strategy or business model that are effective and apply it to your online business.

How do you get the right strategy to apply to your online business? There are too many products on the internet nowadays and as an internet marketer, you are spoilt for choices. Not really actually. There are too many bad eggs than good ones. So you will need to choose wisely, the product that you believe it will benefit you. Don’t choose a product with a lot of adverts and hype which can be burnt your pockets.

And don’t buy a product that is super cheap and thereafter you will end up buying their upsells for a few hundred bucks or worst, thousands of dollars. About this product that I am going to review, it is one of the few bad eggs you will find in the internet and I can assure you that you can’t benefit anything if you proceed to buy this product. Trust me.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is 7 day Cash Money?

7 Day Cash Money is an affiliate marketing training program that offer users a way to make money online by using Google Adsense and Clickbank banners when visitors click on the ads. The program provides users with more than 300 websites that and that’s where the product owner, ‘Jean’ claims you will get the money rolling in.

7 day cash money1

How does this program works? If you are a seasoned marketer, you will know how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) works. Let’s say, someone who is trying to promote a product, pays Google a certain amount of money and when a user clicks the product advert, Google then takes a portion of the advert cost and give it to the website owner for displaying the advert as Google Ads.

Too complicated? To make it simple, for example, when you land on a certain website, you will sometimes notice on the landing page some adverts by Google. When you click on the adverts, you will be directed to the product owner’s website. The person who display the advert will get paid certain commission. The same concept applies to Clickbank banner but the visitor will need to buy the product for you to earn a commission.

It is a simple process but please don’t get excited. You will need traffic and your audience will need to be enticed by the advert on your landing page. Not so simple. Maybe, you can make some income 4-5 years ago but now, the laymen have become more smarter and knows what’s going on to this advert displaying on your website sidebar. So they will not be fooled by marketers like us.

There are marketers making tons of money just from Google Adsense and one thing that makes their money roll is they have an authority site with thousands of visitors per day. You will certainly not be making money now by displaying adverts on your webpage without traffic. So probability is nearly zero when you just start up your website.

Should you follow 7 Day Cash?

So what is the secret to kick start and fast track your online business? In the internet business, you will encounter many fast track system that will elevate your business and get some passive income in your pocket. But can this program work for you?

No way.. Nada. Think carefully.. When you buy this product, you will get 300+ websites to display adverts. Along came another user, buys this program, he or she will get 300+ websites t0 display adverts with the same contents and articles. Let say, there are another 10 users buys this product, you know the math and you will be seen by Google as an article spinner and it will be your downfall. Not worth your money. Enough said.


  • 300+ websites for you to get your money rolling?


  • Making money by using Google Adsense and Clickbank banner is not wise if you are new to internet marketing and doesn’t have an authority website to rely on traffic.
  • You will be provided with 300 websites but you need to purchase domains and it will cost money. Let say you buy a $5 domain each, 300 domains cost you $1,500. Another cost will be hosting which is charging you on per year basis, so you do your math then.
  • Upsells after buying the program. Cost you a bomb after paying for domains and hosting.


So, to conclude, 7 Day Cash Money is a scam. This program will never work and I can assure you that you will not benefit anything when you buy this product. You know how Google works and buying into this program will be your downfall with 300+ websites, domains and hosting not included.

It is better if you read my review on my #1 product to you.

Why not read my blog on Strategies on Internet Marketing. There are a lot to learn and it will take time. Don’t bother about get rich quick scheme, think it over your breakfast, lunch and dinner and the next day. Find a solution and if not find me.

Strategies on Internet Marketing4

See you in while.. Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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