Is Crazy Cash Club a scam? You can’t see the money.

Product Name: Crazy Cash Club

Owner: Martin Morse and Roger McEntyre


Price: Free entry with many upsells.

Rating: 15/100


First of all, I would like to wish to all my Chinese friends and readers a Happy Chinese New Year. This will be the year of the fire monkey and may this year will be a blessed and fiery new year to all our friends and readers in internet scam report.

For the past few days, I have been reflecting on my target and goals for the year. Cena and myself have been brainstorming on our goals in 2016 since the start of February and we have been working hard to achieving it. To our surprised, our fruits of labour are ripping with benefits in January and February and we are thankful to all our followers who make our dreams happened.

It is not easy to start internet marketing. There are many obstacles that we have to go through and for myself and Cena, we learned and we fall, picked ourselves up and persevered. I am not telling you that you can’t make it doing internet marketing. You have to be focus and treat your business as you own baby.

You can watch the video below by Patrick Bet-David which I stumbled upon on Facebook.

How do you find it?

Like I said, you got to treat your online marketing as a business and not a job. You own your business and think on what you need to improve and get traffic in your website and increase your conversion rates. This is what we do as an internet marketer and you got to change your mentality and once you got it, you will definitely see your rewards. Be it a few dollars or a hundred bucks, you are progressing and your incentive will come in when you push hard.

So you see the product that I am about to review will hopefully open up your mind, take your thinking hat and make you think if Crazy Cash Club is a scam.

So let’s go into the review.

What is The Crazy Cash Club?

To make it as simple as possible, Crazy Cash Club is a MLM structured program where you can promote their programs and get compensated if you refer your friends and family as their member.

To be honest with you, some MLM programs in the market are not so bad after all but if you put one rotten apple in that mix, you are going to have a hard time. You will see the rotten one when you take a glimpse of the website. One of the oldest trick in the book is to entice users on pictures upon pictures of luxury houses, supercars and goldbars. This is one bad example of pure BS marketing strategy and for me, this is pure lazy tactics by the owners.

In Crazy Cash Club, from the introduction to the end of the website, you will see a 4-5 minutes video of luxury houses, supercars and big yachts. The first sign of a scam alert.

There is another link in YouTube when you subscribe into a free member. The video well teaches you on how to create an account and the structure of the MLM. I am quite surprised when the owner explained that you can get more than 6 digits on your first cheque. WOW! I think this way out of context. Even my mentors doesn’t make 6 digits paycheck when he first started. My god, this is the 2nd sign of scam alert.


Crazy Cash Club offers a couple of programs after you sign up for the free membership.

  • Monster Cash Mini Webinar System – $177
  • Hands Free AR Splash Page – $147
  • 20,000 Targeted Traffic Hits – $57
  • 5,000 Targeted Traffic Hits – $17

To be honest, I don’t buy the products that are being offered. All the products above are actually programs that you can find in the internet except for their webinar system. Actually, you can find better programs than Crazy Cash Club. On the traffic hits program, I can assure you that you will need a lot of work and investment to hit a target of 5000 visitors or even 2000 visitors per day. It is not easy to hit that kind of target but I can assure you with hard work and a good mentor, you will get the target unless you are willing to pay $17 or $57 for the advice from Crazy Cash Club.

Should you follow Crazy Cash Club?

I don’t think you should follow Crazy Cash Club. You can find some links in YouTube on Crazy Cash Club and you should look at them before joining them as a member. I am not saying that the program is not legit but the warning signs are there for you to judge.


The thing about this program is the MLM structured program. I think if you are the MLM type of internet marketer, then you should see what they are offering. For me, MLM is not my kind of thing, I am not in favour selling programs for just the sake of earning a compensation and get my down-lines to sell the programs and get commission out of them. This is not my goals and for me my goals is to help you as a user to find a good programs out there to assist you in your internet marketing path. I don’t get a cent from helping you, maybe a commission from the company I am promoting but the sense of achievement when I see fellow internet marketers doing well in whatever they do.


To me, this program is not recommended. Like I said before, if you are nurtured to persue MLM, you can take a look at this product but if you are a newbie, then you should follow my advice.

Personally, I am of the view that if you are starting from scratch or new to internet marketing, you may want to check out email course on affiliate marketing or you may want to check my review on my recommended product to understand more on the knowhow of affiliate marketing. There are a couple of programs that can assist you in your internet marketing path but you must know what you want.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have some capital with you and have the passion on selling a product online, you may want to try out selling physical products, you can try Amazon FBA. However, you have to learn the knowhow of Amazon FBA. Read our review on The Selling Family below.

Selling Family

If you have tried Crazy Cash Club and want to share with us your experience, feel free to comment below.

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