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700 Profit Club




700 Profit Club is a program which claims that it’ll let you earn $700 a day after you’ve set up their 5 minute system. This may sound too good to be true, but that’s because it is. Systems like these promise you will earn a huge amount of profit doing nothing at the comfort of your home. The program also claims that you will be making at least $20, 000 per month or even more with their system which is 100% free.


The sales video claims that the system will make money for you each day on autopilot from a website they will provide you for free. Once you’re done watching it, it’ll ask you to enter your email address to avail the system. However, you will then be directed to another video where they tell you that you need to actually signup for web hosting and purchase a domain name. After that, everything will be done for you and all you have to do is to simply relax and enjoy the flow of money coming in.


700 Profit Club
Is it a scam or not? – Do Think Twice!




Simply put, 700 Profit club is a hosting scam. Their main and only goal is to get you to purchase their overly priced web hosting plans. The people behind this will earn money off of you since they will get paid a commission every time someone buys their packages.


They will refer you to Cool Handle, which is a hosting company, and then you will be asked to avail one of their hosting plans which range from 1 to 3 years. On the sales video, the spokesperson of the company will advise you to purchase the 3-year hosting plan for its Google benefits which will generate more traffic for you. The price for a 3-year hosting plan is $249.84 where you’ll never make a profit from. The say that you’ll be charge a monthly fee of $4.95, but if you’re quick to click, you won’t notice the fact that you’ll be paying $250 upfront. The 1-year plan is the cheapest at $167.04.




One of the most popular methods that scammers use to rip people off is hosting. They basically promise you a fast and easy way to make money on autopilot for free and they will do all the hard-work for you.


On 700 Profit Club sales video, they claim that everything is free and did not mention any hosting service or domain name that you have to purchase. However, after you’re done watching, you’ll get a checkout page where you need to pay for a hosting plan in advance with added features and a domain name.




Once you purchase the hosting and domain name, the money will directly go to Cool Handle which will then give a portion of your money to 700 Profit Club.


700 Profit Club
Cool Handle Web Hosting Plan


Cool Handle is a hosting company for websites and is well-known for working with companies that are unethical and uses hosting scam methods. According to some reviews and complaints, the company has stolen a huge amount of money from innocent individuals looking for online jobs. The actual claimed losses are more or less $35k.




Fake Students and Testimonials – All the students and testimonials in the sales video and website are fictitious as well as the amount of money they are earning. The photos used are also stock images from the web that can be used by anyone.


The Three Banned Countries – Mentioning the three banned countries such as Albania, Cuba and Nepal is just another scam strategy to make this program legit.


700 Profit Club
Fake Students and Testimonials


The $700 Per Day Guarantee – Any online money making scheme which guarantees an unbelievable ROI is enough to raise a red flag and should not be trusted.


Only 15 People Per Day for 30 Days is Accepted – This statement is absolutely not true and is something that is overused by unscrupulous companies like the 700 Profit Club. This is a tactic they use to make you sign up as fast as possible and not think twice.


It will be Non-Existent Soon – Just like with any other scam sites, 700 Profit Club will seize to exist, once negative reviews and online complaints come pouring in the website will shut down but will most likely change their name and move on to a new scam.




700 Profit Club
700 Profit Club is a Scam!


No doubt about it, 700 Profit Club is a scam and you will not make any profit from it. The only people who will benefit from this are the owners.


With that being said, this program is something that is not to be recommended to anyone. There is a lot more to making money online with a website than simply just having one. You have to work hard to generate income from it. You have to be able to generate traffic for it, which is one of the hardest part of it all.


There are numerous scams like this all over the internet and you will just waste your time, effort and most of all your hard-earned money for something that promises easy spoils with little or no hard work.

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