Is Flippa a scam?

Is Flippa a Scam? – Unknown Expensive Website

Website Name: Flippa
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Price: Free to join
Rating: 75/100

Is Flippa a Scam?

It is totally understandable building a website and find ways to monetize are most of our dreams. These days, building websites is so easy with so many website builder for you to choose from. You may worry about building a website is a hurdle for you, so you chose another option to buy a ready website with traffic and already profitable.

There is one popular site that many people go to for buying and selling website, domain and apps. You are looking at Flippa and wondering is it a scam? No, it is not a scam, but I will not buy a website there. Let go through the reason why you should look for another option.

What is Flippa?

Flippa is a popular marketplace for people buying and selling ready website, domain and apps. As a buyer, you are overwhelmed choices to buy.

Seller have to list all the information of their website clearly for selling.


  • Easy to navigate site
  • Easy to buy and sell


  • Too many sites claim they earning massive revenue
  • Seller has to fill credit card information


I will touch on more buyers on this post. In the first place what the reason you are buying a site? A website of your passion or business. The existing website in Flippa may or may not come close to what you want. Ok, you want a ready profitable website that already do so doesn’t matter what is topic about. You willing to spend your money to invest and start collecting money.

Just ask yourself a simple and direct question, if your website already generating so much revenue are you willing to sell it or keep it? I believe you already get the answer. Just keep it to yourself.

Another reason for you to buy a ready make website is you worry, you can’t build and manage one. Let me tell you that I come across exactly like you before. I just go ahead, try out a few website builders and found the easiest one to use is WordPress Express SiteRubix. Let me show you how easily you can get your website to install in just a few minutes.

How to build a WordPress Website in 30 seconds

Getting your website ready for search engine need more work, but you can do it with some effort. Get help from my #1 Recommend Product with awesome community members. 


Is Flippa a scam? Not at all, they created a market place but they need to do more on those who list their website for selling. Beautiful looking website doesn’t mean it’s good. A nice looking person might not be a kind hearted person. Website having lots of traffic, of course, is a good sign, but doesn’t mean it’s getting lots of revenue. A retail shop in a busy area doesn’t guarantee sales.

As for website seller, where else you sell your website other then Filppa? Why you decide to sell your website? I like to hear from you, feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks



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